Monday, December 19, 2011

Living In the Moment

It is 5 AM and I have been awake since 3.  Partially due to increasing nausea and my new obsession with this pregnancy, and partially due to excitement as I consider the future.  I have so much to look forward to!

  • Starting a master's degree program (if I get accepted)

  • Receiving my Zumba instructor certification

  • Mothering my 2 (maybe 3!) beautiful children

  • Loving on my incredibly sexy husband

As I look at my growing belly (that isn't actually growing, it has just remained pregnant-like since my last miscarriage and when I gained that 20 lbs from birth control), I think of my two healthy children sleeping upstairs.  The trials, the successes, the sadness, the joy, it's all part of this parenting ride.  While there are moments when I want to pull my hair out, I am learning that many of these come from my own insecurities and fears.  The more I discover about myself--my strengths and weaknesses--the more content I feel when it comes to the many roles I play.

I still have much to improve on but I feel excited as I consider the many possibilities that positive change brings.

And so I am happy to announce that I am heeding all your advice and thinking of this pregnancy as a day by day experience.  I will probably have many pokes and probes in the future, all of which determining how the pregnancy is continuing, and I am realizing there is no need in worrying over every little thing.  That's my doctor's job.  Instead, I will be joyful for the experience I have gained and intent on putting it to good use, whatever the outcome.


  1. That is awesome you are getting certified in Zumba - I love Zumba, and I bet you'll be a great teacher. Are you going to teach when you get it?
    Excited for you that all is going well!

  2. I hope so! I don't know how long it will take for me to feel comfortable doing this, but I am planning on eventually teaching.

  3. Love your attitude. Because it sounds like you're doing all you can do. Thinking happy thoughts for you, too!

  4. So happy to see that you've found a place of peace and joy. Taking it one day at a time is sometimes all we can do. My thoughts are with you. And fingers crossed too.

    Enjoy your holidays my friend. XO

  5. Yay for savoring each day. I'm working on that, too. But it sounds like you are figuring it out better than I. Old habits (e.g., worry) die hard!

  6. I am so happy that you are positive and happy today!!!

  7. I'm so happy for you, Amber. Just so, so very happy.

  8. So many good things to focus on!

    Sending you wishes for a wonderful holiday season! (Day by day can work wonders, right?)

  9. One moment at a time, right? That's all we got. Sending continual positive thoughts your way my friend.

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