Sunday, November 21, 2010

My Other Guy

I have a guy on the side. Except he is more in the middle because he prefers to be sandwiched between Ben and me or in my arms.  He shows me daily just how much he needs me.

When I take a shower while Ben is home, he will start to cry, wiggle out of Ben's lap, crawl to the door, stand up, and knock.  And continue knocking until I come out or let him in.

When I am kissing Ben, he will crawl over, climb onto my leg and look at us until we I pay attention to him.

When I am sitting on the floor, he will crawl over (do you see a pattern here?), pull himself into a standing position (by using my shoulder), and smother my face with kisses.

When I am trying to sleep, he will cry, standing in his crib, until I go pick him up.  Once I rescue him, he will snuggle against my chest while drinking his bottle and occasionally fall asleep.  (If he doesn't fall asleep, he will jump all over me and Ben until we place him back into his crib.)

When I am trying to clean, he will crawl to the gate, pull himself into a standing position, and cry, "Mama!" until I pick him up.

When he is eating, he will cry if I try to leave the room.

When I am sad, he will hug me close.

When I feel that tug of sadness for our lost baby, he will look at me with his beautiful eyes, crawl over and demand that I pick him up.  Then I will hold him tight and thank God for a little boy who is still okay with being my baby.


  1. Oh what a lovely post Amber - and what a beautiful picture of your little boy. I think if it were me I'd want all those hugs and kisses too.

  2. So lovely Amber. And that picture is precious.

  3. Oh the sweetness...Claira sees Neil in exactly the same way. =)

  4. The love, the adoration of a baby. Swoon. It's amazing to be the center of someone's world. Lucky you!

  5. I also have a couple of guys on the side. And they certainly do help make things feel better on the grayest of gray days, don't they? xo

  6. This reminds me of the saying - Mothers raise daughters and love sons. I know you love them both, but there's something special about a mama and her boy.

  7. Amber, this is so sweet - and I feel the same way in the moments my son is feeling clingy and cuddly - rarer and rarer, those are becoming. I'm rebounding lately, though - he wants me to talk to him, not to my husband - wants my glance and my answers. A little trying sometimes, but ultimately so sweet!

    "A guy on the side." Hehe.

  8. My "other guy" is 14 and he still hangs at my side a good number of days. I'm pretty lucky huh? I'm glad you see yourself as lucky too!

  9. Aww your baby is very cute! And has amazing blue eyes! Best wishes to you and your family.

  10. As much as they are still learning about the world, our babies manage to teach us so much, don't they? Love this photo of your little man ... Oh, those sweet eyes!


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