Monday, November 22, 2010

Tell Me More

In thinking about what to write today, Kristen provided an excellent exercise for me.  No, it's not cheating.

Where do you live: The Great White North.  OK.  Not really.  I do live where there is a high population of Mormons...
Favorite art: Monet, DaVinci, Rembrandt
Pets: None.  We are allergic.  *Cough cough*
Favorite neighborhood restaurant: Um, we live by the tracks.  (Literally.)  Enough said.
Favorite cocktail: Since I don't drink, how about my favorite soda?  Dr. Pepper.
Who inspires you: My husband, all moms, and people who work for non-profit Hispanic agencies
Necessary extravagance: Aerobics (does that count? We're going through budget cuts in our household and this happens to be free for me.)
Favorite place in the world: Wrapped up in my husband's arms watching (and inevitably falling asleep to) a good movie (so cheesy but so true)

Designer: Banana Republic, Gap
Jeans: I haven't bought a new pair of jeans since I was in high school.  No kidding.
Underwear: 100% cotton
Sneakers: Adidas
Watch: My microwave and computer.
T-shirt: Gap/Banana Republic T-shirts in dark purples, pinks, and greens
Day bag: Truthfully? (Don't laugh.)  I use those reusable grocery bags to cart my kid's stuff, and my coat pockets to carry my stuff.
Evening bag: My husband's trouser's pockets
Favorite city to shop: Anywhere that has outlets/discount stores.  Right now? Park City

Lipstick: Does chap stick count?  Um...Vaseline brand stuff.
Mascara: Right now, Maybelline's Colossal Volume
Shampoo: I change shampoos each time I'm at the hair supply store, but currently I am using Naturelle Aura daily shampoo
Moisturizer: Oil of Olay
Perfume: Tommy Girl
Toothpaste: Colgate
Soap: The cheapest body wash at the store
Nail-polish color: I haven't painted my nails in years (not even for my wedding)
Who cuts your hair: Right now, it's my downstairs neighbor.  She is amazing.  Plus, she's from Mexico so I am able to practice my Spanish with her.
Who colors your hair: Whoever I am placed with at Paul Mitchell School of Beauty

Feel free to play along!  I would love to see how you answer.


  1. Love this post Amber! It's fun learning more about you!

  2. #1 - I, too, cannot seem to stay awake during a movie. I think it has something to do with never being able to sit and relax, so when I do ....

    #2 - You and my mom with the reusable bags as totes!

  3. FUN! Some very interesting stuff my dear Amber! :-) You haven't bought jeans since high school? Wow! And you don't have a purse or bag? I can't imagine. You are definitely a no-nonsense kind of girl, aren't you? ;-) You're great! Oh, and I don't really know what "we live by the tracks" means... Horse tracks? Train tracks? What does that have to do with a restaurant? I haven't written a blog post in a lllooonngg time... maybe I should play along with this! I'll think about it. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Oh, Shannon! I forget some of the phrases I use are peculiar to where I live. "Living by the tracks" means living in a poorer section of town. The only place that could be considered a restaurant near my apartment resides in the grocery store. And it's not a restaurant. We do have some wonderful places like 10 minutes down the road!

  5. I totally use canvas shopping bags as totes! I might be too cool to carry the Wal-Mart variety around town, but any others are fair game. I use them as diaper bags, too, and vessels for my students' work or treats for class.

  6. Ha ha! Okay, NOW I get it! Thanks for clarifying!

  7. When I first read the line about the grocery bags, I thought you meant the disposable plastic ones and was about to send you a purse in the mail immediately! But I too am guilty of rocking the reusable bags. Some of them are much nicer looking than my purses, actually. :)

    So glad you decided to play along with this fun exercise.

  8. I haven't had a Dr. Pepper in forever. LoL

  9. I love Dr. Pepper. Aren't those T-shirts so comfortable?

    Loved hearing your answers Amber. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

  10. Fun to learn more about you. I may have to try this out on my blog! Happy Thanksgiving, friend.

  11. [...] was reading over at one of my favorite bloggers, Amber, and decided to try this exercise to get back into blogging, the easy [...]

  12. Of course, you didn't mention how recent high school was for you, Amber! If I hadn't bought any jeans since high school it would have been more than three decades! But still, get out there and buy some! My gosh the styles are cute this year! Sometimes I feel like with these sales and coupons the stores are paying me to shop! (spoken like a true shopaholic!)

  13. I love these kind of things--always fun to get to know more about you.

    I laughed at the "day bag" comment. I love winter because that way I always have pockets and don't have to carry a purse ; )

    And I LOVED your favorite place to be comment--not cheesy at all.

  14. How fun! And you haven't bought jeans since high school? Go now woman!

  15. We are kindred Dr. Pepper spirits. (I'm raising my can in a toast now.) Yum!


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