Saturday, November 20, 2010

Chasing Snow

"Hey, the doppler says it's supposed to be snowing right now," Ben informed me as he stood on our porch watching the rain.

"Hmmm...," I replied.

"I bet it's snowing in the canyon," he said.

I nodded, too consumed in my book to notice the sadness in his voice.

A few minutes later, he was outside again, looking longingly at the sky. "Why isn't it snowing?" he rhetorically demanded.

I looked up, saw the earnest manner of my husband, and suggested something completely unlike me. "Why don't we take a drive to the canyon to find the snow?"

He looked at me, dumbfounded, "But the kids are asleep. You want to wake them up to take a drive? Not that I'm arguing, but that's not something you would usually be okay with."

"I know," I replied, "but I think it would be okay this time."

We hurriedly pulled the kids out of their beds, bundled them up, and strapped them into the car.

And away we went, chasing the snow.


I am rarely touched by songs these days, mostly because our current soundtrack is limited to The Wiggles and The Jimmies, but in searching for an artist, I stumbled upon this beautiful song.  It reminded me of the above experience and brought tears to my eyes.

Tonight, I dedicate this song to Ben: my best friend, lover, and husband. Babe, I'd chase the snow with you any day.


  1. Way to live in the moment! We should all do a little snow chasing every once in a while.

  2. This is lovely. Chasing snow with loved ones - I love it!

  3. Super sweet. You are a good wife. :)

  4. I assume it finally came to you! It came to us in buckets.

  5. Lovely. Just lovely. This next to the last post... I get it so much. Seeing each other, sometimes stepping outside our normal bound to chase snow at night, that makes such a difference in a marriage. Those moments add up. And they count.

  6. Sweet!!! These are the moments! We had about four minutes of snow today in Seattle and we loved every second.


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