Sunday, November 29, 2009

Because It is Sunday

The serious nature of my last few (here and here) posts may lead some of you to believe that I lead a stuffy life. I cannot bear for this notion to continue. Let me share a more light side of myself.

Last night, Mr. B and I went to the store. While checking out, I looked over at the couple checking out next to us. They seemed familiar, so I whispered my suspicions to my husband.

"Hey," I said in hushed undertones, "Do we know them from church?"

"Church? Them?" He asked loudly back.

I blushed and rolled my eyes.


I am vain. Really. One of the reasons I have continued to breastfeed is because the extra calories it affords me.

A question I like to pose to close family members is-"I look good today, don't I?" They, of course, respond in kind.

I also enjoy looking at myself in the mirror. For just having a baby I know I look pretty dang good. No visible stretch marks, pregnant belly almost nonexistent, and huge breasts. Another excellent reason for continuing breastfeeding.  My husband fuels my vanity. He often tells me that I am hot.

I don't always feel this way, just during pregnancy and for about 5 months after. postpartum depression? Hah! How about postpartum vanity?


I find my mommy brain becoming even more overbearing. I will be having an intelligent conversation with someone and suddenly find my mind blank. I cannot, for the life of me, remember what we have been discussing. I will stutter and look like an uneducated fool. It is a bit embarrasing. Maybe it helps offset my vanity. Maybe.


Mr. B pays attention to what I say about 50% of the time. (In fairness to him, I talk quite a lot.) To catch him in this, I will often say or do something surprising.

Take last night, for instance. Mr. B is a college football fanatic. He watches all the games he can, plays College Pick 'em, and will use Wikipedia to fill in where his vast knowledge lacks. During a conversation, I asked him about UCLA's record. He gave me the answer off the top of his head.

I countered with UC Davis' record. Once again, an answer.

By this time, I decided to throw out random team names. I thought he would catch on.

How about Idaho State? Answer.

Montana? Answer.

Weber State? Answer.

He finally noticed my smirk. Thinking I thought he was wrong, he went to the computer to check his facts.

I laughed.

He was right.

Or, this morning. I playfully swaddled my 15-month old. She liked it, for 2 seconds. I showed Mr. B. He tried to make me think that he noticed. She then screamed and squirmed to get out.

Since I had a suspicion that Mr. B didn't really pay attention, I told him the Queen likes to be swaddled. He said, "Really?"

"Yep." I slyly replied. "Try it."

He did. She laughed while he rolled her, and smiled as he picked her up.We snapped this photo for proof.


Your turn.

Do your or your partner struggle with inconspicuous conversations?
Do you have experiences with "mommy brain"?

Do you have vain moments? Come on, you know you do. Even if you don't, pretend you do. Make me feel better.

Does your partner ignore you? 


My blog editor suggested I explain a few things. 

My husband is wonderful. He is supportive, kind, and holds me when I am sad. He doesn't really ignore me, he finds it difficult to multi-task. He can only focus on one thing. Maybe this is a male thing?

I am really not that vain. I like to joke about it, but I have my insecurities too. 


  1. haha I love your blog and all of your bluntness! s we all have our vain moments when we look in the mirror and say dang I look good for a momma! So how did you get a blog editor? ARe you talking about the famous Mr. B? BTW lets set up a play date for the little dears!

  2. I used to be vain, but once I turned 40 I started avoiding the mirror. Now, when I get out of the shower, I scuttle past the mirror like a cockroach.

    Why, you ask? Wrinkles AND zits AND facial hair...Thanks, 40!!!

  3. Love the playfulness of this post!

  4. Love it. Life is all about contrast of the immensely serious and immensely silly. Cheerio.

  5. Mommy brain eventually disappears. My baby is 15 and I think .... where was I going again?

    Definitely vain! And who doesn't like to be told they look great and are hot!

  6. I want to know how you get your husband to pay attention 50% of the time? That is a stellar percentage! After years of schooling my husband can be paying no attention and still repeat back the last two sentences I said. Drives me nuts.

    My mommy brain is atrocious. I hate remembering I once knew the right word, but can no longer recall it.

    A mommy brain + inattentive husband makes life interesting. Did I only think I told him something or did I tell him and he wasn't paying attention at the time? The world may never know.

  7. You are so cute ; )

    I hate the mirror and would be very happy if there were none to be found in my house.


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