Friday, December 23, 2011

Why Blogs Need a "Like" Button and Other Completely (Un)Related Thoughts

Since I am horrible, no good, blogger, I am terrible at responding to comments.  I read all of them, and usually compose the best responses, but writing them out seems impossible. Especially with my many distractions--admissions essay, work, Facebook, kids, and my husband.

What I need is a "like" button for comments, then all of you will KNOW I read them, even if I couldn't respond.


Recently, "i think i am the craziest person on the planet" search landed a person on my blog.  I hope they learned the truth that I am sole owner of that title.  Don't you dare take it away from me.

I had other awesome search terms and carefully placed them in categories for you.

You Landed In the Right Place

"Make my husband last sarcastic" (Sorry lady/man, I can only help him become MORE sarcastic)

"sarcastic people have more illnesses" (Clearly)

"parenting fail" (after fail, after fail...)

"menu to gain 20 pounds in one month" (Hello! Birth control!)

"tired of being a mother" (I get it.)


"how do you install the oh birth control" (read the instructions!)

"real gay moments" (not sure if you'll find what you're looking for here)

"making pee" (BECOME PREGNANT!!)

"gay love making" (no words)

Say it with me, "AWWWW!"

"support my husband for his medical school interview"

"closer i get to you 2011"

"blog post supporting duggar family miscarriage"

"little girl sweet kisses" (I'm going to assume this was innocent)


In lieu of boring you with updates on this pregnancy, I am using Facebook.  If you don't have Facebook, and want boring updates, let me know and I will start an e-mail thingy.


We celebrated Solstice this year with a candle light dinner and toasts to celebrate light starting to increase daily.  It was awesome.


Emily thinks the Muppets on Sesame Street have penis noses.  What do you say to that?  She also told the nurse on our last visit that "Mommy is getting a baby today!" Sorry to disappoint you, girly, but it's going to take longer than 5 weeks for that to happen.


Happy holidays to all of you! I hope you eat as much food as you want and think of me while doing so.  You can bet I would be glaring in your direction as you masticate on all those delicious entrées and desserts while I sit with my puke bowl in my lap and munch on Saltines in the hope that I won't vomit.


  1. I agree. A like button is in order. Sometimes I don't know what to comment, so being able to just like the post would be fantastic.

    Does this mean Facebook has infiltrated?

  2. Love the "like" idea. :) And I really should do a post on the crazy searches I get sometime, some of them are terrible.

  3. All of life should have a like button.

  4. You crack me up. Those are some crazy searches! I agree with the "like" button. That would be so great!


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