Monday, December 26, 2011

Top Ten In 2011: Kid Quotes

Leading up to 2012, I am going to post my top 10 picks of the year 2011. It's going to be fun.

Emily and Andrew are brilliant, which also makes them scheming little squirts that plan every bit of their trouble-making escapades.

Andrew is, undoubtedly, our little goof ball.  He enjoys hearing the sound of his voice echo in stores and outside (see #8) and has learned that the louder he sings, the more his voice echoes.  He finds joy in jumping on and off furniture and me.  His goofy grin always makes me melt.

Emily is the expert at talking her way out of trouble.  She uses the logic of a teenager (and is equally incapable of recognizing the flaws in said logic).  She has a wicked tongue that can spew things like "I don't like you," and "you're my favorite" in one sentence.  Clearly, she is an active observer of the world around her.  Despite her sass, a quality she must have inherited from me, she gives the best snuggles.

I find myself laughing every day at the antics of these kiddos.  The following is a sampling of my favorite 2011 quotes.

10. "I don't like that!" -Andrew.  No is overrated.

9.  Me: "What are you doing up?" "I sleeping." -Andrew, laying down on his daddy's face with his eyes closed.

8. "LOTS AND LOTS OF FIERTUCKS [firetrucks]" -Andrew, in every store.

7.  "Go downstairs, Mommy!" -Emily when getting into trouble.

6. "Daddy, I don't want to go to Azzouri [Missouri]!" -Emily, when driving across the country. I think she feared the humidity.

5. "I watch Mommy show." -Andrew, pointing to The Office. I've created an early addict.

4.  "I didn't eat your chocolate, Mommy." -Emily with chocolate all over her face.

3.  "I'm 21 and I drink beer!" -Emily, in the grocery store.

2. "Mommy, I don't need to go to bed, I be 18." -Emily, the master negotiator.

1. "Mommy, I don't like the monsters. They have penis noses." -Emily, referring to Sesame Street.

I think I lucked out with these two.



  1. So cute. My kids also say the darndest things and I totally forget them after a few short days. My mother is always telling me to write it all down but who has the time for that?? ;-)

  2. So cute! Mine love to randomly yell "Echo!" in random places just to see if there is an echo. :)

  3. Hysterical! Is Andrew obsessed with firetrucks right now? Moshe is. Everything is firemen, firetrucks, fireclowns (after seeing a clown at a Chanukah party, he blended his new love with his old love). Also, major lol on your daughter's comments on the muppets. Seriously, that is beyond hilarious.

  4. She even has the too-grown posture and expression! I love sweet Andrew's little bashful face. They are great kids!

  5. Penis noses? OMG. I snort-laughed on that one. Hilarious!

  6. I am 21 and drink beer.... that had me laughing this morning. So cute what little kids say. Hope you have a great New Year's Eve and Day with your family. Continuing to send positive pregnancy vibes your way. xoxo

  7. Penis noses!!! Love it. So true!


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