Tuesday, November 1, 2011

News Alert: The Baby Is Officially a Toddler

We celebrated Andrew's second birthday with a bang by doing absolutely nothing: no cake, no dinner (we had some pre-made dish), no pictures, and no presents.  I mean, we thought of all these things but with our extremely busy schedule this week, nothing came to fruition.

Yup, I'm expecting that Mother-of-the Year call any day now.

It is days like these that almost push regretful thoughts through about becoming a working mom.  That is, until I remember just how much I love my job.  I might come home wiped, but the kids get more of the best me than they ever did before--a fact that I'm not proud to admit.

I constantly read about celebrations other families have for their children's first, second, and third birthdays (because those are the only 3 we've had so far) and feel a twinge of guilt.  Except on those rare occasions when we celebrate their birthdays with family (I think Emily has received the bigger portion of these celebrations), our birthday celebrations generally consist of a cake, ice cream, and a few presents.  Not a fancy cake, mind you, just something I'm hoping I haven't burned.

I would like to say that we'll do something special tonight, but I know that probably won't happen.  More than likely, we'll have a small gathering of friends over on Saturday and celebrate then; unless I can get some shopping done before work.

Anyway, this has turned into a depressing post about how life is pretty tough now.  I am really writing to poke fun at myself for this huge oversight.

In the end, though, there will be the weekend with more time.  Andrew will remember this birthday purely through our thoughts and laughter over it and hopefully will not resent us forever.


On a happier note, there are few milestones Andrew has reached that remind me he has entered toddlerhood.

He likes to hit his sister just for kicks.  No really, he does.  He runs after her, laughing, to push/hit/or tackle her.  Since he weighs more than she does, it isn't that hard for him to do this. She cries, of course, giving him the reaction he wants.

He enjoys standing on tables of all varieties.  As well as the edges of couches, counter tops, and anything else he can climb on.

He has a wicked grin.  If it weren't so cute, I'd probably be going insane.  Instead, I pick him up, kiss his cheeks, and laugh.

He likes to empty the cupboards, fridge, and silverware drawer.

He has a giggle that will cheer up the most grumpy mommy/daddy.

He talks up a storm.  We can understand about 3/4 of it.  Most of his words revolve around trucks, the color blue, and bugs.

I hate saying this, but he really is all boy. As I mentioned, he is bigger than his older sister--at least weight wise.  In length?  Well, he has our short genes. He runs as if he is going to tackle someone (with his head forward) accompanied by the requisite grunts. Though he does have a love for dresses, tea parties, and dolls.

When I try to take a picture of him, he says "cheese" for a mini-second followed by "No!" and running away as fast as he can.

He brings me joy and drives me crazy, usually within minutes of each other.  The perfect description of toddlerhood.


  1. My kids get a cake and presents. No ice cream. So you are ahead of me on that. Oh - and their presents are wrapped in blankets. Because it's easy and free. :)

    The kids have yet to have an actual birthday "party", and I figure they don't need it until they are old enough to remember... maybe 5 or 6 or 7 years old???

    I LOVE LOVE that you are writing every day now!!

  2. My kids have not had a bonified birthday party yet. I know what you are talking about though, I have a few friends who go all out for a 1 year old, it's just not my way of doing it. We usually have cake, and do presents. And don't worry about missing the actual day, he's only 2 he'll never know that you waited until the weekend. :)

  3. When my kids are little we just have cake, ice cream and a few presents. We don't even invite other people over - just our immediate family and maybe grandma. Anything else and the toddlers end up getting overwhelmed anyway. Little kids don't understand what is going on. There is nothing to feel bad about here, Amber. Go a little easier on yourself, my friend.

  4. Please email me! I have a question about your blog! :)


  5. He'll never remember. Just take a picture of him with cake in the next month and you're golden. I feel badly that my little one didn't have a 2 year old party, but time was crazy. Keep it simple. The minute you start doing it up, it becomes the expectation!
    And I keep the same couple of birthday bags for presents for both girls. They are looking alittle worn, but it's cheap and it looks the same for each.

  6. Toddler birthday parties are overrated anyway. And they make me so stressed I usually end up snarfing way more cake than is prudent. All the same, Happy Birthday to your little guy!!

  7. We didn't celebrate my baby's first birthday this year. It was a really hectic time, we were all busy, and, frankly, he is not going to remember it. Mother of the year doesn't have anything to do with Birthday Parties. At least I HOPE not!

  8. We do elaborate parties -- well, elaborate for me -- but mainly it's because I don't remember a single birthday party growing up. Usually, I got a birthday cake at the end of Thanksgiving dinner, or someone stuck a candle in a random dessert and said it was for me (as I was born at the end of November). Throwing parties for my kids is all about healing me. :) That said, I love doing it. I think that's what matters -- if having a party would stress you out, hurt your finances, or otherwise detract from the joy of celebrating, then don't do it. The point is just celebrating those sweet babies, no matter how we do it.

  9. You get my mother-of-the-year award. Seriously. As I look back one of my regrets is that I didn't have the guts to be myself when my kids were little. I'm doing a better job now, but I can see how self sacrificing did none of us any good. I did the best with what I had, and some really good things came of it including some healing for me.

    I look at the later part of this post where you are effusive in your affection of your son. It just brims with sunshine and motherhood and happiness. That is celebration any kid can carry into the next year. And you don't have to blow it out for that wish to come true.

  10. Happy Birthday to your little one! I didn't have a grand party for my little one at age 2 and don't regret it a bit. It was nice to have a quiet celebration with my family.


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