Saturday, October 30, 2010

A Sister's Birthday

Once upon a time, there were two little girls who played pretend in all sorts of imaginative ways.  (There really were three but the eldest often grew bored of her younger sisters' games.)  Their dolls were their babies whom they fed, snuggled, rocked, and loved (and threw at each other).   Their barbies became their older selves, when they would be beautiful, fashionable, and could drive.  Their backyard was all sorts of things: A haunted forest, Candyland, a corn maze, and an entirely different world filled with aliens and monsters.

These two were the best of playmates.  Until they hit their teenage years.  Much happened during that time that formed a wedge into their relationship.  Bickering drove them apart.

Until the older decided to act older and let go of anger.  Once again, they became the best of friends.  Their imaginations were put in use again, this time against other people and each other.

Like the time she convinced my aunt and uncle that my eyes glowed red in the dark.  Or when we used to play hide and seek from (notice I did not say with) our guy friends and giggle so hard that they would find us instantly.  Or when my sister would roll down her window and yell, "We have to get over! Please move!" to fellow cars.  Oh the laughter.

We live far apart from each other now, but I still remember those times.  Of hide and seek, rap songs, and pictures at the park.  My sister's wittiness (and evilness) has not changed, just matured.  It's no wonder she was born so close to Halloween.

I often wish she lived closer so I could listen to her silliness first hand and watch her beloved little boy grow older.  Until then, she'll have to deal with my phone calls.

Happy birthday, Autumn!  Love you and miss you.


  1. Such a nice post to your sis. I, too, have a sister - and we are far apart. We've had our close moments and our bad moments, but today we are steadfast and strong. Happy birthday to your sister, may you only grow closer as the year go by.

  2. Sweet post, Amber—makes me glad I'm going to visit my brother very soon (we too live far apart and have shared many good and bad moments)... and his wife's b-day is today, Halloween. Namaste

  3. I'm an only child - but this post makes me so glad I have two little boys!

  4. Happy Belated Birthday to your sis! My sis has to deal with my phone calls too!

  5. Thanks Shmamber! If only I was born on Halloween..


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