Thursday, April 15, 2010

My (Non)Purse

Linda at Barmitzvahzilla tagged me in a fun meme in which I describe the state of my purse.  One problem though--I don't have a purse.  Ok, that's a bit of a lie.  I do own a purse but it has transferred ownership over to Emily.  At this moment, it is in a storage bin completely empty.  Since I really don't want to describe what is in my diaper bag, I thought I would make this into a game of What's Inside My Imaginary Purse!

What My Imaginary Purse Looks Like

If I were to buy a purse it would be conventional.  Something like this,

Notice the long straps?  I dislike how most handbags do not fit around my shoulders, so I prefer a purse that I can loop around my opposite neck.

The size is another issue.  I like lithe accessories.  I'd prefer that my bag not be bigger than I am.

Inside My Imaginary Purse

My imaginary purse would be stocked with many childproofless things.

I, of course, would have the toilette necessities--lip gloss, chapstick, basic manicure set, powder foundation, and blush.

As I am a germophobe, I would make sure to include hand sanitizer. Since this exacerbates my already-prone-to-excema hands, I would have a large bottle of Curel lotion. Yes, it must be Curel.

To fulfill my technology needs, I would pack my imaginary iPhone in its personal case.  I would probably include an extra set of car and house keys.

Finally, I would have a mini notebook and a few pens.  Who knows when inspiration might hit.

Fashion (Non)Sense

I really don't understand the rules of matching.  I am sure that my purse would not have accessories that match and would inevitably clash with whatever I was wearing at the time.  Still, it would fulfill its role--to carry everything I think I might need in case of an emergency.   An emergency of any kind.

The Next Victims

As I am  supposed to pass this on, I decided to terrorize choose

Kenzie at Unabridged Girl

Kristen at Enjoying Every Moment

and On A Silent Sea

You can choose to participate.  Just remember, it's only my feelings at stake here.


  1. I love your imaginary purse! (And especially the imaginary iPhone. What color is it?)

    I cracked up over the necessities for any emergency. I swear - once we give birth, it never leaves us. Most of purses (real or imaginary) have enough "emergency stuff" (right down to the ability to sew on buttons) to go for awhile...

    As for matching, I'm going to tell you a little secret. (Shhh. Don't let it get around. One of the fascinating things about French women that I personally think is so delicious is the way they do not match everything, but they pull it together, somehow... )

    Now that we've emptied your imaginary purse - could we have an imaginary cup of coffee together? Since it's imaginary, and I went to the dentist today, it won't bother my very real teeth.


  2. I have way too many purses. It used to be an addiction, but I haven't bought a new one in over a year.

  3. I have a couple of purses that I rotate through. I like that when I get a different one out, my kids all ask where I got my "new" purse.

    I'm with you - the straps must be long. And I need my notebook in it.

    The thing about purses that I don't like -- the word: purse. Not sure why. I just don't. Weird, I know.

  4. I like this meme and love your spin on it! And a big hear, hear to Curel. We are eczema central over here and have Curel in every nook and cranny of our house. I should buy stock in the company!

  5. Too cute!

    I bought my first post-baby purse a few months ago. It's a bit cumbersome carrying it AND the diaper bag, but it's restored some of my girliness to me so I figure it's worth it. =)

  6. I am a real addict and find myself wandering over to that part of a dept store when I don't have a real shopping itinerary. :)

  7. Great job, Amber! I love the imaginary purse! When my kids were younger, I had to have my hands free so I always wore shoulder bags too, though mine weren't imaginary!

  8. Curel? I do not know this magic of which you speak, but I'm adding it to my imaginary purse now! (OK, I'm adding it to my not-so-imaginary grocery list.) =>

  9. I love that its imaginary, lol!

  10. Thank you for visiting, Rose! My kids get their imagination from me. : )

  11. Ooohhh... cute twist Amber! Just curious from your first paragraph, what is your "opposite neck"? Do you have an imaginary second head and neck? :)

    I'm a huge Curel fan too... although Eucerin is a close second in our house.

    I'm wondering if in MY imaginary purse I could have an imaginary wallet with a very REAL large sum of money in it? That would be nice.

  12. My purse looks like the Monster Book of Monsters from Harry Potter. Seriously. And I don't wanna talk about the inside of it.

  13. Oh my gosh. So I totally don't have a purse either, I carry a small wallet in one back pocket, my phone in the other and the keys go in my front right. But I shall do as you and create an imaginary purse. to go think about this :-)

  14. "lithe accessories" is a really cool phrase!

  15. [...] I’m actually going to post something fun instead of depressing for a change. Amber at Making the Moments Count tagged for this fun little meme. I’m supposed to describe to you the inside of my purse. [...]


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