Monday, March 1, 2010

10 Things You Don't Know About Me: The Queen's Name

The Queen's name was chosen long before she was born. 4 years to be exact.

When B and I agreed we were going to get married,  we started discussing girl and boy names.  We had this image of having a girl first, followed by twin boys (obviously we were wrong on the twin boys!).  We threw out certain girl names and quickly agreed on one.

Once we were married, and expecting our first, we knew it was a girl. Without hesitation, we began calling our soon-to-be baby girl by her chosen name.


While pregnant with Emily, I dreamed about her.  Often.  My dreams reflected my desires for she was often a cute, little thing.

When she was born, she was a cute, little thing.

And she has remained a cute, little thing.  By little, I mean 5th percentile little.  I'm pretty sure her brother is going to pass her up in weight soon.

My 6 lbs. 13 oz. girl

is now a 20 lb. wild (little) thing.

I know she was sent down first for a reason.  She has patiently taught me many things about being a mother.  Her independence made it possible for me to finish school.  And, her sweet nature has made having a close sibling easier.

This girl has taught me that I am always behind.  I do something like install a gate to barricade her entrance into the kitchen and she soon finds a way to break in anyway.  She is always one step ahead of me.

Yet, this curiosity has enabled her to learn things fast.  Even though I am often exhausted by the end of the day from chasing her around,  I wouldn't have it any other way.

Besides, who could resist a little girl with eyes like these?

I sure can't.


  1. Dear Emily,
    I would appreciate if you would refrain from being so cute. Your mean mommy posted you and your brother's baby pictures and its not helping my little baby hungry-ness any.
    Your adoring fan,

  2. So cute! My husband and I had a name picked out for a girl when we first got married. 12 1/2 years, and two boys later, and we are finally pregnant with a girl. And now, for some reason, that name doesn't feel right. It's weird how those things happen, isn't it?

  3. What a sweetie! And a beautiful name :)

  4. I love the name Emily. And so apparently does Hannah since 90% of her stuffed animals are named Emily and whenever she's playing a make believe game HER name is Emily!
    She's gorgeous, truly.

  5. She looks like an adorable little elf!

  6. I love her name and her eyes. They are gorgeous!

  7. I love these revelations, Amber! Hello, Emily, you blue-eyed beauty. I bet you are just as smart and sweet-souled as your mom.

  8. Hey - I knew this! I mean, I knew it in a round-about way and not a "My child's name is ___" way, but I knew it. I'm feeling a little slow, but the adorableness of little Emmy makes it better.

  9. Amazing eyes indeed. I don't have any daughters, nor any kids with blue eyes, even though my husband has gorgeous blue eyes.

    My littlest baby at birth, son #3, is now getting so so big. He is 13 and has hit a real growth spurt, and I wonder where my scrawny boy went.

  10. Well, I totally didn't expect that one, Amber! What a great name. And of course she's teaching you a lot. She's teaching you what our kids always teach us, that despite all the best laid plans, our kids are born with their own personalities and sometimes they follow us and other times we have to follow them to see where they go.

  11. What a beautiful name for a beautiful girl!

  12. Look at those blue eyes!! She's beautiful.

    Emily seems like she was always meant to be for you and Mr. B - like Andrew but in a totally different way.

  13. Precious! Emily is the first name of a pen name that I picked if I ever got published and decided to write under a pen. Beautiful name and little girl!

  14. Emily. It seems to suit her perfectly.

    (And I bet she doesn't even think her mom should be called Ambrosia. Um. Unless you install that pole...)

  15. She is so dang cute!

    Emma was going to be Emily but at the last minute we had a feeling she was an Emma (which really ticked off Neil's brother who'd bought her a personalized Christmas ornament the Christmas before she was born...).

  16. I love that you picked her name out way before she was born and that you dreamed of her. This is beautiful, just as she is.

  17. So precious! I just want to squeeze her little cheeks!

  18. My oldest was almost Emily. I love the name. And it does suit her.

  19. Yes. That pole is currently under construction. : )

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    P.P.S. I am giggling just thinking about this comment.

  20. That is hilarious! Ah, the spam box. Always funny to see what shows up there.


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