Friday, January 22, 2010

What I Learned from Last Night's Wind Storm

The wind howled and howled, threatening to uproot all the trees. I was crouched inside, listening to the storm as it continued to build. I decided to put on a movie to calm my nerves. It wasn't helping. I checked on the Queen, sure that the noise had woken her up. Thankfully, she was snuggled up against her blankets.

I went back to my rocking chair. I tried to watch the movie again. Manly awoke. He smiled and cooed. I smiled and cooed back. After a few minutes, he went back to sleep. I decided to imitate his actions. I took him to my bed, kissed his little forehead, and fell asleep.

Fully intending on only sleeping for a few minutes, I woke up startled. My dreams, as usual, had been filled with wild scenes. Things both confusing and real. A mixture of today and the future. The loud wind storm interspersing its presence throughout my dreamland.

I stumbled into the living room. I looked at the clocks. Blank. I tried the computer. Turned off. During my slumber, the power had gone out and returned. The time could be 10 pm or 1 am. I wasn't sure which was accurate.

I sat on the couch and fed Manly, trying to solve the time puzzle.

Soon, I heard the door handle turn. My heart dropped. The lock stopped the intruder. Until that intruder produced a key.

With trepidation, I watched as the door opened. In my mind it was slow, in reality it was whip-like fast. Mr. B walked in and closed the door. My heart stopped racing.

He came over and inquired after me.

"Are you OK?"


"I was worried about you. I was sure that the big tree in the front had fallen and you were hurt."

"Why would you think that?"

"Because you were not on-line. I had no way to get a hold of you."

His concern touches my heart. I look at his face. I kiss his wrinkled forehead. He puts his arms around me.

We are happy.

It seems that in those moments of darkest despair, Heavenly Father will give me a gift. He will remind me that dark days need to happen. Those times help me appreciate how good I really have it.

This is true. I have it so good.

Um, yeah, I completely forgot about guest post Friday. I even had the post sitting in my inbox, waiting for me to copy and paste it. Unfortunately, I was too busy brooding yesterday that I did not take the time to publish it. To make up to Kelly, I have saved her post for Monday. I am so excited to host her beautiful words!!!


  1. Glad you are okay and I cannot wait to see what Kelly has in store for us!

  2. Ooo, the wind. It freaks me out, too. We've had a lot of that recently. I don't sleep well...I have taken to wearing earplugs to bed. It does help a little.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog recently. I've been slow in getting back with people. I wanted to let you know I appreciated getting your comment. I always love connecting with new friends.

  3. Just as I was feeling moved by Mr. B's protective nature, I had to giggle at his rationale: “Because you were not on-line. I had no way to get a hold of you.”

    That would be a sure tip-off to my husband too that something was not quite right here! :)

  4. I also find myself always in need of a clock to tell me how panicked I have to be about how much more time I have till morning will arrive. How special, really, then to have that ambiguity for a moment, to not have your life ruled by time for a little time, and to just sit there, first frightened by the storm, then okay with it. First frightened by the door knob, then comforted by it.

    Thanks, Amber.

  5. I like your new place! I prefer Wordpress over Blogspot (it's where I have my travel blog), but I've gotten comfy (and lazy) at Blogspot for Never-True Tales, so there it stays (for now).

    Please feel free to still sign the linky with your guest post on Monday! You'll just be fashionably late!

  6. At least I will be fashionable!!

    I wouldn't have moved over because I am lazy except that my blogspot blog started going crazy. So, the move was necessary. I am glad that I really like the change!

  7. Thank *you*, Linda. For those few moments when I was unsure about the time, I felt very relieved. It was nice to not be chained by time.

  8. Thanks for stopping by! I love to meet new people in this bloggy world.

  9. I read your comment to Mr. B and he smiled. Sometimes the internet is our only connection to each other. Hey, it is much harder to fight over Google Chat, right?

  10. With a husband that works a bizarre schedule I can never completely remember, I totally relate to the moment of panic when I hear the door rattle during the night.

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