Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A Load off My Mind

Missed me? I have been taking a break to allow my emotions time to balance out. I haven't kept up on my blog reading so will now spend the next week playing catch-up.
This post is about mind unloading. Bear with me.
Being 8 months pregnant (6 weeks left!), I am quite warm. All the time. I am so glad Fall is here with its cooler temperatures. It is absolutely perfect.
Being warm, I am freezing my husband out. And the Queen. I want the ac on at night because it gets too warm. My husband, being the amazing person he is, allows me to keep things cool. He just puts on extra layers. I mean 2 sweatshirts, gloves, the works. Poor guy. I think he is counting the days down, too.
With the baby's due date zooming in closer, I am becoming frantic with preparations. Not. I haven't even bought boy clothes yet! I guess I am expecting a magic fairy to give me some. No time to panic yet, right?
Speaking of my due date, I started panicking that this baby would come early. Too early. With Mr. B's school schedule, I need to plan around his tests and classes. I know, planning a delivery is basically impossible.
But, my doctor has offered to induce me 1 week early. I usually have an Au natural mindset, but with school and work, having a planned due date would be wonderful. Perfect. I gave him a tentative "yes". Perhaps I shouldn't? Oh, but having a date where I can plan on having someone watch the Queen and give my boss the heads up would be wonderful. Decisions, decisions.
This past weekend was so wonderful. Sleeping in until the Queen woke me, lounging around in my pajamas, and watching General Conference. I used to not look forward to GC. I always thought of it as a boring, prolonged, Sacrament meeting. It wasn't until a year ago that I began to really appreciate the experience. I still have fragants of that old mindset hit me before conference begins, but once I feel the Spirit my mind becomes willing and ready.
This conference, in particular, gave me answers to my prayers that I didn't expect. Not only that, it gave me strength to continue supporting Mr. B. Being the wife of a pre-med student can be difficult. I only see Mr. B for a few hours everyday. He usually gets up before me, comes home for a quick dinner (with prayer and scripture study included), then takes off back to school until very late. This can be disheartening.
I know that it will be the same during med school, I just keep telling myself that I can do it. After Conference, I realized that I can do it. I am usually very supportive of late night studying, but the past month I have not been what I need to be. Of course, some of that was due to my depression. Now that I have that figured out, I feel up to the challenge. I still miss Mr. B dearly, but I know this sacrifice is necessary. Besides, when he is home, he is home. He entertains the Queen while I cook, picks up the living room, gives the Queen a bath, and helps with the bedtime routine. He lets me talk his ear off during dinner, and makes sure that I am doing okay. He is considerate and caring. It is my turn to give back.
Don't you love inspiration? I hope Conference was as beneficial for you as it was for me!


  1. I totally understand the "warm all the time" problem--not always fun.

    I hope you have R.S. help when the baby comes.

    I'm so glad that we have Conference to give us that spiritual boost we need. That "I can do it" feeling IS SO IMPORTANT.

  2. I have baby clothes for you!! I think they go up to 3 months because he's finally starting to fit into the 3-6mo clothes.

  3. I have the same experience with General Conference every year. It seems so long but once I'm in the thick of it the spirit stirs and I'm just thrilled to be able to listen/watch.

    Love your positive outlook in this post. I only had to put up with four years of my husband's grad school and they were lonely years, but wow...how much I came to love him all the more for seeing how he made time for his family out of the little spare time he had (many of his classmates played computer games or went golfing). Belonging to The Good Husband Club can get us through a lot, can't it?

    Oh, and I could have our little girl at any minute but am I ready? Ha! Nowhere close!

  4. As a woman with a husband who works full time and law school at night, I feel your pain. And I'm a total General Conference Junkie. I wish it were every weekend. :)

  5. I'm glad you got what you needed from General Conference. It was wonderful! I remember realizing I looked forward to conference. Now it goes so quickly, I'm wishing for more!

    You have exactly the right attitude for medical school. And your husband being truly present when he is home? That was something we had to learn the hard way, so you are already ahead of us!

    Good luck with your last month or pregnancy!


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