Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Anxiety and Pregnancy: What Hormones do to Me

When I am stressed I have anxiety attacks. Strong. But, when I can take a deep breath and talk things out, the these attacks disappear. I haven't had a strong one since we came home from Mr. B.'s internship. That is, until recently.

I am very aware that hormones wreak havoc upon my emotions. I wasn't entirely aware of how much until I read MomBabe's recent post. I am not depression-prone, except for in pregnancy. Strange how a post on depression reminded me of what I have been struggling with. And, how to solve it.

Last night, Mr. B. came home with a look on his face that I thought reflected disappointment. In me. I couldn't handle it. I shut him, and everything else, out. This really hurt him. After talking, I felt better. It was not until today's reflections I realized what had triggered this emotional outcry. The pregnancy hormones have tipped whatever it is that causes my anxiety attacks. I have been feeling trapped, alone, and completely inadequate.
I am terrified of meeting new people, talking to old friends, and stepping outside my door. I am sure that people think I am weird (although, this is true). Even at work I feel as if the kids would be better off without me.

Why would I think these horrible thoughts?

It took awhile to recognize. Now that I have, I can seek the help I need. From Mr. B. After a lengthy "tell-all" session, I came to a certain peace with these feelings. I will not allow them to crowd out the joys in my life.

I know as the hormones recede these feelings will disappear. I am so grateful that Mr. B. gives me daily dosages of medicine. The kind I need: affection.

Funny how growing a baby can bring about so much change. I know that the Lord has recognized my weaknesses and vulnerabilities, that is why he sent Mr. B. my way.  I could not have hand picked a more perfect husband.


  1. Sometimes I'm amazed at my husband's ability to tolerate me when sometimes I'm more than even I can handle. :) Be patient with yourself because you "are doing a great work and cannot come down." Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving your kind comment. It's so nice to "meet" you.

  2. Like you, I am very grateful for a husband who helps me through the tough times and loves me in spite of it all.

    Hormones are such a funny thing--now that isn't a good word, is it ; ) We have some strange thoughts and then think "why in the world am I feeling like this?"

    Hang in there.

  3. I hope your feeling better. You are blessed to have such a support system with Ben. I am sorry we are so far away,but probably a relief at times. I love you! Love,Mom


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