Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Numerous Frustrations

Blogs are for naming the fears, describing the frustrations, and bragging about offspring.


I think so, therefore it must be true.

Today has been one of those no good, terrible, rotten days. It all began with the Queen's interrupted sleep schedule. Perhaps if she had a hard night One night I wouldn't be so stressed. It hasn't been one night. Nope. It has been one, two, three, four, five, nights. I am exhausted and feel quite at the end of my rope. Perhaps if I felt up to par, but a certain bug has decided to capture my stomach's insides. This has made no sleep quite difficult and a grumpy baby almost impossible.

I think that it is more difficult because E. is so easy! She rarely cries, enjoys her independence, and smiles constantly. Her easy temperament makes those grouchy days a bit hard. I know, I should be more than grateful but my hormones seem to disagree.

Hard days come and hard days go. My bad days are just elongated. School and sickness while trying to be a good mother do not mix well with me. I usually do great, but this week has been awful. 4 days left. 4 days of classes, 1 midterm, and a few other assignments to go. I can do it.

Maybe I should send in for a live-in nanny, to take care of me. I wonder how much that would cost?

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