Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Under Pressure

I feel weighed down. This will undoubtedly occur numerous times throughout the semester, but it seems so much more pronounced in the beginning before everything is settled. Just to taste why I feel this way, let me begin with joint school schedules.
(M=me, H=husband)
Mon: H:10-12, M: 1-2, H:3-5
Tues: H:7-9, 10-11, M:12-1:30, Both: 4-5:45
Wed: H:8-12, M: 1-2, H:4-5
Th: H:8-11, M: 12-1:30, Both: 2-5:45
Fri: M: 9:30-11, H:10-12, M:1-2, H:3-4
This is ONLY class time, so all other activities (homework, church callings, research classes, TA help sessions, work, and of course: BABY) are outside of this crazy time frame. Needless to say, I am feeling very under pressure I know somehow it will all work, but school work isn't my only concern. The main worry? Baby time. I want to give the girl plenty of "us" time, but this time seems to shrink each day. Not to mention the stress I feel over bringing her to class with me. What if she screams the entire time? Or, what if she talks? Ideally I want her to nap, but realistically? Not going to happen.
Despite the deep misgivings I have about this semester, I am still feeling pretty upbeat. I feel like the busier I am, the more I will get done. Hopefully this equation will work out in the end, and if not? Well, that is why I have faith. So, ultimately the intense homework load that my husband and I have will level out in the end. I will get all the outside homework for my Astronomy class done well before the deadline, my husband will finish his complicated Physics and Chemistry homework, and we both will read and study what we can to prepare for tests. This insane pressure I feel building inside my chest (you know?) will lessen this weekend (or tonight when my husband returns) and I will think level-headed again.
I am just grateful that God will help me.

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