Thursday, December 4, 2008


Fridays signify the end of the week and this usually means date night. However, with my husband's school schedule this is not always possible. Add the fact that Saturday is sanctioned football day, date night can be a picky issue. Sometimes, I admit, I get depressed. It is his longest day, and I miss him! So, today I called my good friend. She came over and held my baby whilst I did dishes. At the same time, she gave me the company I needed to combat the wash of depression that threatened to wash over me.

While I had a friend come over and keep me company tonight, oft times I try and find some way to help one of my friends. I do this in order to forget my struggles. I mean, I have so many friends around me who have husbands as busy as mine, and they have more than 1 child (average = 3). So, service seems to be a wonderful way to dismiss my troubles.

As for date night, I don't always wish to go out either. With a young baby, I am still uncomfortable with the whole baby-sitting idea. My husband understands this and does not push me.

I am lucky, though, I married a man who loves me. Despite my many flaws, he adores me. In the words of Brian McKnight, my husband thinks of me as his "irreplaceable love of my [his] life".

So Friday night comes and goes. We still love each other, we just realize that right now we have to find other ways to have dates. Thankfully we can rent DVDs. I just feel blessed that I have a husband who loves me and always does (and will) take care of my and our child (and future children). Bottom line: I love my husband.

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