Wednesday, November 7, 2012

It's A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood, Unless You're Sitting in My Living Room

Yesterday was election day here in the U.S of A.  Being the intelligent person I am, I gathered all the kids in the car so they could participate in the process by standing in an hour-long line with me.  To enhance the experience, I forgot the Halloween candy and interrupted their nap time.

As awesome as that experience was (envision my 2 oldest running and screaming in the tiny, crowded voting station and you'll get the idea), it did not compare to the masterful mess my kids created in the living room that morning.

They followed an airtight recipe:

  • Two boxes of Legos

  • A package of Saltines crackers

  • A bag of dried Cheerios

  • 16 oz. of spilled water

  • 1 container of dress-up clothes

  • 1 container of dolls and stuffed animals

Which resulted in this:


The mess was - is - epic people.  EPIC.  (Sadly the photo does not do it justice.)

Which is why I will be spending my morning cleaning and singing Snow White's "Whistle While You Work."

Alright friends, spill it.  What is the best (worst?) mess made by your kid(s)?


  1. The pictures I take of the messes my kids create NEVER look as bad as it looks in real life either! What's up with that??

    Gotta love epic messes. My kids got into the flour and sugar one morning when I was sleeping. That was a BAD day.

  2. Biggest mess my kids made... There are so many... Most of the worst ones include broken eggs on carpet. I keep thinking of the time that one of Kara's kids got a bag of powdered sugar, dumped it all over the kitchen and then licked it up and rolled around in it. It was a huge, sticky mess. That picture looks like you live with toddlers... not that it makes it fun to clean up all the time.
    Melissa Blair

  3. I love your recipe. We must try it...

    For my worsts -
    There was the bag (5lb) of flour sprinkled over the floor and danced in. I was gone 5 minutes!
    There was the bottle of soap used to clean the bathroom. So helpful.

    We regularly decide to pull every book off the shelf within reach.

    Then there's the daily toy jumble with added cheerios. My dog might helpfully add a chewed up crayon or five to the mix just to make sure we have a few choking hazards around.

  4. I know I should be a better friend and offer you support in your time of need, but your kids' thoroughness and creativity made me smile. And then your rendering of it here made me laugh.

    Okay, time to be quiet now, and send refills for your Swiffer. :)

  5. Nah, I think you are a good friend for laughing with me about this. Messes are temporary, might as well laugh about them right?

  6. Broken eggs on the carpet are some of the worst messes to clean up!! Ugh!

    Haha Kara's story sounds amazing. I'll have to ask her about it. :)

  7. Kristen, I think I remember that mess - this was before the gate right? At least we, as bloggers, can commiserate with each other about Epic messes.

  8. When she was 3, I left her in her room alone for 3 minutes while I ran upstairs to use my bathroom for that time of the month thing and when I came back downstairs, 3 minutes later, she had colored my white kitchen counter tops with blue permanent marker. When I went into her bedroom to kill her, I found she had emptied the medicine cabinet in the downstairs bathroom and was making 'soup' with all the goodies she's managed to open from that.
    That's when I sent her outside until daddy got home while I cleaned up and had a drink. Or three.
    When my husband pulled up after a long day at work, she came running from the sandbox, telling him mommy had locked her out of the house until he came home.

    Good times.

  9. That is epic. I have too many to tell. ;)


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