Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Today's Word Is Insanity

Once upon a time I decided to create a parents supporting parents meme thing.  It turned into celebrating messy parenting and I really enjoyed writing the posts.  And then things happened (miscarriage, move, miscarriage, pregnancy) and I kind of stopped.  But, with me returning to the homeland (i.e. stay-at-home club), I NEED to talk about this again.  To share my stories of silliness and frustration and successes because this job ain't easy, yo!

I'll start with today.

Six-thirty am and the kids are awake and WHINY.  "I'm HUNGY [hungry]," "I WANT my ganky [blanket]," "I don't WANT to go!"

I try to escape under the blankets, but their voices carry through.  So, I get up and shower (thanks to sweet Ben who is taking care of their breakfast needs) and really try to put on a good face.  I mean, positive thinking will surely lead to good results, right?

Drop Ben off, come home, and must carry both kids up the stairs to our apartment (on the third floor).  Get a snack, put on a show, and hope that I can get a few moments to eat my breakfast.

Ten seconds later....

"MOM! I'M HUNGY! I WANT [insert everything your child cannot have at 8:30 in the morning]."

I tell them they have to wait until later, finish the snacks they have now and please talk to me using a regular voice.

I finally sit down, only to be interrupted by 100 liquid messes (Andrew spilling things from every filled cup and dish he can find), 1000 more "hungy" WHINES, and 100000 "Mom! Andrew dumped such and such!"

An hour later, I finally finish my now cold breakfast, and see that Emily snuck into the kitchen and grabbed the ONE thing I didn't put away - the chocolate milk mix - and poured it into a cup.

So tired of the screaming, whining, and general mess making by this point I figure, what the heck.  Fine.  Eat the darned chocolate. Just don't make a mess.

I make my trillionth trip to the bathroom - this whole crowding of my bladder thing is very disruptive - and come out to chocolate milk mix all over the floor, Andrew's face and clothes, and my bed.

And, with that, I dissolve into tears.

It's only 10 am.  It's only 10 am. It's only 10 am.

Surely this day will get easier, right?  I only have 4 assignments due by midnight....

And there you go, friends.  To all you tired parents, I am here for you.

Care to share your stories?

(As it is Tuesday, I've linked up with Heather's Just Write.  Because this post? Is just writing.)


  1. Oh, my goodness, I can't share or I'll scream. But I'm with you. Promise!

  2. Oh. Oh no. That's a bad start. On Friday, I promised my daughter if she could stop whining for a whole hour, I would make her cookies.

    She didn't get the cookies.

    I feel your pain...

  3. So sorry:( Do you have anyone to share childcare with? M

  4. I'll *try* to write out last night's bedtime. Oof.

  5. Bedtimes and mornings are hard work! Been there. And welcome back to the blogosphere:)

  6. I almost got in my car and just kept driving yesterday. I feel you.

  7. Here's hoping today has less mess. Or at least less noise. Okay. I'll take more calm.

    Tagged you yesterday - go go 11sies. (if you can, I know you are busy!)

  8. Gosh Amber - I feel likes it's been forever since I've visited you - but I see your updates here and there so I am really just a lurker. Anyway, hugs to you!!! These days will pass (I know you know but still sometimes it's good to hear). Hugs, hugs, hugs.

  9. My day was fabulous = both kids at school. They've been home together 15 minutes now and they've screamed and fought and vowed to hate each other forever. When I complain about it my their darling father, he rolls his eyes. I'm only alone with them for 1.5 hours a day.

    The longest 1.5 hours of the day. Longest, most painful, rage inducing 1.5 hours.


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