Monday, January 2, 2012

Post-Vacation Stress

I am thrilled to start work again tomorrow.  I really like my job and have quite a few exciting tasks to accomplish within the next month.

I am, however, worried about one thing: how will I handle my pregnancy-induced sickness while at work?

(I do not like the term morning sickness.  It does not adequately describe my--and many a woman's--plight during these long months, with illness that lasts from sun-up until sun-up, 7 days a week.  Thus, I use the term pregnancy-induced sickness, a better description in my opinion.)

I worked/went to school when pregnant with both Andrew and Emily; I am not unaware of the difficulties.  However, going to school is significantly different from working a traditional 40 hr/week job.  At least in between (and during) classes I could run to the bathroom for my puke-fest.  And with my many visits to the ER, I could realistically sleep a bit the next day before resuming homework.  With my job, however, I am in an office/classroom and have little flexibility with my hours.

At the same time, I really REALLY like my job.  I wouldn't be working there if I didn't.  I am passionate about Head Start and its initiative.  I have seen the good it does in our community, and many other communities, and find my personal and career goals intersecting with my compassionate nature to produce a positive work experience.

Yet my trepidation is valid.  What if my dizziness turns into fainting spells?  What if I must start IV therapy?  Naturally, the only way to know is by trying and I have no desire to quit.  I figure I can push through this just like I did with my schooling.  What doesn't kill me makes me stronger, right?  And, besides, there are families and children that need my skills and empathy.  So, hyperemesis gravidarum be damned, I will continue working.

Now would it be unprofessional to bring my puke bowl? We do have only one staff bathroom and one never knows when sickness might hit.

Have any of you mothers worked through pregnancy-induced sickness?  If you did, how did you make it work? (Working includes staying home with your kids. As it always should.)


  1. Zofran saved my skin this last pregnancy. I couldn't have done my hour-long commute (one-way) without it. Drinking tons of cold orange Gatorade got me through my pregnancy with Violet.

    Have you heard of Ashlee McCall and her book about HE, "Beyond Morning Sickness"?

  2. Zofran has never worked for me, unfortunately, nor have any other anti-nausea medications. Sigh. But, if things get really bad, IV therapy worked miracles with both pregnancies 1 & 2 so I have something to fall back on. :)

    I hadn't heard of Ashli McCall until now, but I just googled her and her book and am beyond impressed--and thrilled--that a book and support are available. I know what I will be getting from Amazon now.

  3. Take the puke bowl. I will never forget some starlet's interview about carrying her Tupperware and a plastic baggie as she drove around, never knowing when she'd need it. If nothing else, you'll have the peace of mind of knowing you're prepared.
    If you can, get some electrolytes in you too - it staves off dehydration in addition to water. Though you know that. Can't help myself... I'm hoping you keep feeling sick (sorry, but I think you do too) and can keep working with such passion!

    And, I'm rooting for you as you go through this.

  4. I had IV therapy with my first and third pregnancies, but only needed it once with each, thank goodness. I hope Ashli's book & info help - she's an amazing resource!

  5. My worst "morning sickness" was with my first pregnancy, if I was upright I was usually throwing up, so I lay on the couch alot and sipped small sips of gaterade all day long. With my second baby I felt horribly nauseous and could hardly eat, but I only threw up like 2 times a day, which was helpful because I had a crawling nursing baby to take care of. I did bring a puke bag with me when we were out and about, one that I could hide in my pocket but whip out at a moments notice, sipped gatorade, and ate one dry chex cereal at a time through out the day. I remember blueberries stayed down as well, as long as I ate one at a time over a long period of time. I hope you are able to find the balance of rest and activity that works for you!

  6. Aww.. after a bout of the 24 hour stomach flu and planning to get pregnant in less than six months - and my mom's history of pregnancy-induced sickness - this is something I worry about too. Especially since our bathroom at work is not even in our office, but rather down a relatively long hallway and requires a key to fumble around with to get in there.
    Hopefully it doesn't last too long for you. :)

  7. I feel for you. Know that you can work through certain conditions - some more easily than others. (But watch the stress!)

    I worked full-time through two difficult pregnancies in my mid-late 30s. I was glad I did. That helped - a lot.

    The end of the first was working from home (had to be horizontal the last weeks).

  8. Hugs - I do not envy your situation. Do what works for you and I'm sure your co-workers will all understand, especially given the business they are in.

  9. I have nothing good to contriute as mine was just in the morning and usually waned by the time I got to work. Hope you can find a good solution!

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