Wednesday, December 14, 2011

It's That Uncomfortable Feeling Called Worry

You know the feeling, when your gut is in knots as you attempt to distract yourself from whatever is on your mind.

Like when you get a call from the doctor's office that could be one thing or another, but miss it because you accidentally left your phone at home when you went to work and couldn't check your messages until after 5, when the office is already closed, and suddenly you feel panic rise in your throat and threaten to choke you.

So you lay down, try to breathe and calm yourself, and eventually convince yourself that there is no reason to worry until the next day.  They did say it wasn't an emergency, just that you should call as soon as you get the message.

An alarm goes off on your phone later, and you find out that the doctor's office called not once, but twice.

And now all you can say is, "dammit," as you try to rest while finding your mind speeding in every direction, thinking of every possibility.

Yeah, it's like that.

Is it tomorrow yet?


  1. Worry is not my friend. Tonight, here, it's schedules and budgets and oh my goodness there is no way I can keep all the details straight.

    But, I can send you good thoughts -

  2. I'm bad with things like that - it basically consumes me till I can find out what it is. Basically the worst thing anyone can say to me is "I need to talk to you later about something". Never fails to get my stomach all in knots.
    Hope everything is ok! xoxo

  3. Here's hoping you were able to connect with your doctor and that the news is only good. Sending love. xo

  4. I am with Kristen. Hope you were able to contact the Doctor's office and it is good news. xoxo


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