Thursday, August 18, 2011

Not Peaceful But Real

In the last post, I mentioned sacrifice.  One part that a medical student's wife must accept is primary responsibility of the home and children.  This is harder in the beginning as everyone adjusts.  Something that makes this more difficult, for me, is handling this without the support of, um, technology.  Right now, we have one computer: Ben's laptop.  Since he needs this for school and studying, I have very limited time to access the internet.  I'm talking like minutes.  Eventually this will change, when my laptop arrives, but at the moment I feel like Emily when she has a melt down.

I want a laptop now!  

I know, I know, a first world problem.  Ha!

In other news, I am looking for volunteer opportunities in our new community.  The search is slow and laborious.  But I have plenty of time.

Emily turned three yesterday.  Three!  Eventually I will write a long birthday post.

Andrew makes me laugh daily.  He walks around with this cute grin on his face.

Ben is stressed.  He is also extremely happy with his studies.  The right profession, no?

And my time is up.



  1. You can always see if the campus has a service learning office. I graduated as a service learning scholar in college. We met with other service minded students from not only Utah but all over the united states. You can see if his school or a community college has some programs like this. You wouldn't even have to be a student and they would be able to hopefully connect you with organizations big and small that you could donate your time to. We even had a lot of take home projects and hours spent at a community garden which might work well for a mom. Good luck with your search. I kinda got burnt out in my service days and mainly focus on serving the people around me. I think it just made me sad that I couldn't make a bigger difference than I did. I do miss attending classes with people that had learning disabilities and helping them achieve their educational goals.

  2. All good news, Amber. And Emily - three! Wow! (Great stuff ahead... oh, the conversations you'll be having!)

    Enjoy your volunteering - whatever form or direction that may take. Just one of many things we can do that matter tremendously.


  3. Here's to getting a new computer soon! Please remind me again where you are for med school...

  4. I volunteered when I moved to a new community. It was such a great way to meet people and understand the town. Just think - no computer time means you don't have to feel guilty about being on it when you could be spending time with the kids. ;-) Just trying to find an upside to this is all. Glad to see you back.

  5. That is true. Although, since they are older, I have plenty of down time at night that needs filled. Fear not, the world is right again. My computer arrived. : )


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