Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Get Fit: Gain 20 Pounds In 2 Months!

(Image credit: Whole Body Cleanse Blog)

This time last year, I was losing weight like crazy.  Within a few months, I had lost 10 pounds.  My pants were baggy, my shirts were loose, and even my bras weren't fitting.  While I felt attractive, I was slightly worried because I wasn't actively trying to drop the pounds.  Things stabilized around January; by then, Ben was making healthy dinners and I was regularly working out--with a killer six-pack to prove it.

Well.  That changed fast.

Around April, when I found out I was pregnant, I felt sick and started worrying that I might lose more weight.  Apparently I was eating more than I should have (ha) because I started gaining weight.  Like FAST.

(Yeah, it should have been a warning signal that things were not going super well.  My healthy pregnancy track record indicates that I should have been losing instead of gaining.  Thanks hindsight.)

Once I miscarried, and no longer needed to worry about limiting my activities, I gave myself two weeks to heal and, determined to halt the forward, um, weight progress, re-started le regime (thanks Kitch).

Apparently I forgot the evils of birth control.  (Only natural considering I have taken birth control, orally, for like 3 months out of our entire 4-year marriage.)

Once we moved out and started our vacation/homelessness, the pounds REALLY added up.  Seriously, within 5 weeks, despite working out religiously 3-5 days a week and limiting my calorie consumption, I had gained 5 lbs ON TOP OF the 10 I had already gained from the pregnancy-turned-miscarriage.  By the time we reached MO, I was sweating donuts-- that I hadn't eaten--because the scale topped off with an extra 5 lbs.  Seriously, ladies and gents, I haven't seen these numbers since before I was married.

So I'm hoping this upward trend corrects itself.  I like dresses, but wearing them because I can't fit into my pants is slightly depressing.

In other news, I cut my hair.  At least one part of my body is lighter!


  1. Hey Amber! Post a pic of your hair! I want to see it!

  2. Oh, my dear, I have had those months too. Hormones are beastly things. Maybe try a different pill?

  3. That's a bummer! I do like Weight Watchers. It's pretty easy and you get to eat a lot!

  4. Le regime sucks. You have my sympathy, baby. And yes, let's see the hair!

  5. Oh, the woes of ups and downs of weight. I certainly sympathize.
    Count me in on a vote to see the new hairdo!

  6. Haha! Ok. I'll see if I can snap a good picture.

  7. Strangely, I really like the pill I'm on. I have had serious problems with all other kinds and forms I have tried (IUD among others) but this one is seemingly mild. Except for the weight gain. I think by month 4 the weight will come off again, as my body adjusts to the new hormones.

  8. That sucks! I'm so sorry about that! I bet you look awesome with a new hair cut!

  9. I imagine your body is adjusting -- and I bet you look great either way!

  10. Haha. Ben thinks so. If only my pants agreed.


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