Thursday, November 11, 2010

What Makes Me Happy

*Waking up to a clean house.

*Drinking a cup of hot chocolate on a chilly morning.

*Snuggling with my love in bed until the kids' screams force us to get up.

*Listening to Emily's chatter.  "Andy sleeping."  "Circle! Pink circle!" "Thanks, mommy!"  "Do you hear a fire truck?" "Baby cry?" "1, 2, 3, 8, 9, 10!"

*Preparing a delicious crock pot meal in the morning and enjoying it for dinner.

*Receiving hugs and kisses from my man.

*Reading blog posts during nap times.

*Eating a bowl of warm soup on cold night.

*Snuggling up to a good book in my favorite chair.  (Just finished The Bridge of San Luis Rey and am currently reading The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.  Wow.  What I have missed all these years!)

*Laughing/crying/discussing the day's adventures with my wonderful husband.

*Spending time with my favorite people.

What makes you happy?


  1. It really is about the little things, I am glad you have many right now to be happy about. What makes me happy, well, definitely a clean house. Having had a clear out of my pantry and the play room this week I am feeling very happy - I love having a clear out and my pantry shelves now look wonderful, plus I am $55 better off having taken a whole load of old toys to the resale shop. Yesterday we went to the library only to find it shut - Veteran's Day - but ended up walking around the nearby shops and found a fabulous little popcorn shop and I watched my daughter play in the fountain.

  2. Spending time with my family makes me happy, and my camera of course!

  3. Coffee after my morning run, my daughter's laugh, laying on the couch watching mindless TV, reading, writing, blogging, and walking through a bookstore.

  4. Sleeping through the night without kids waking me up makes me extremely happy... and maybe someday it will happen again...

    Cute list.

  5. Great list!! I love using the crockpot. The house smells good all day long. I love that picture too. I have so many of those pictures...two babies in diapers. ;)

  6. Colors, a crisp blue sky, feeling my guy's strong arms around me, my girls' eyes when they smile, a purring cat, feeling home.

  7. Driving around town and suddenly realizing, anew, that I live in a place ringed by beautiful mountains. When I realize I've made a good decision for my kids, especially when a week ago the same decision seemed to be the wrong one. When I'm sleeping with my husband and, nearly eighteen years later, we still cuddle. :)

  8. Everything you mentioned, but I would add:

    1.) Enjoying that first cup of hot coffee in the morning

    2.) The spontaneous hug from any one of my kids (or hubby too!)

    3.) Endless time to catch up on my DVR'd TV shows!

    Great list!

  9. I love diaper babies!


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