Wednesday, November 17, 2010

This Is Not A Real Post

As a kind of addendum to yesterday's post, I wanted to highlight a few pieces I've come across that illustrate what I was referring to: A community of support in parenting.

Kate at Watercoloring on the Table wrote a very inspiring piece called, "Shall We Dance?"

Naomi, at Organic Motherhood With Coolwhip, often writes about the uselessness of competitive parenting.  She actually has two articles I want to highlight today.  My Poop Don't Stink: The Dirty Truth About Competitive Parenting and It's Not a Prison, But It Does Take a Village. Not only will you learn something, you will laugh.  Hard.

Finally, Peryl at Parenting ad Absurdum wrote How to Be Comfortable With the Parent You Are.

All of these ladies are fabulous writers, so read their articles and stay a while.  I promise, you'll feel very comfortable.

If you've read any posts relating to competitive parenting recently, please share the link!


  1. Thank you, what a lovely a compliment!

  2. Amber, you're right - they're wonderful, thoughtful pieces and I'm so glad for your recommendation. Competitive parenting is a tough subject - people are so defensive, and even offensive. These posts however show that you can present your case elegantly and with conviction without deliberately offending others. Thank you for opening my eyes to them.


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