Thursday, November 4, 2010

Nightime is My Time

During the day, as my house gets messier and messier, I remind myself that I will have all night to clean.  Bedtime is at 7, afterall.

Every spilled cup, dropped toy, thrown food, and emptied out bookshelf will be tidied once that glorious hour comes.

Don't worry, I tell myself as I look at the torn apart living room, once the kids are in bed you'll clean it in a jiffy.

The only problem is, I also save other things for after bedtime: Blogging, eating, resting, and reading.  A few hours really doesn't give me enough time to adequately do all these things.

But, day after day, I keep to the same schedule. Putting myself in the same silly situation--being completely exhausted by the end of the day and having absolutely no desire to complete any of my tasks, only wanting to eat and lay down.

Now that I have simplified my life, I don't feel the need to put off the cleaning tasks until the kids are in bed.  It's just a matter of doing it.


  1. Glad you've been able to simplify. I need to do more of that myself, to be honest.

  2. Life is so different today for young moms--I really don't know how you do it. Just remember they will only be young for a short time. Enjoy them. It all passes by so quickly.

  3. I say, to heck with the dishes. They'll still be there in the morning--your "me time" will not.

  4. If my husband is going to be home I leave the clean up until bed time and then he clears up while I deal with bed time. But if I am on my own, as if often the case, I get my daughter to "help" clean up before we go upstairs. I hate coming down and having to do that clean up after she is in bed, I just want to use that time for other things.

  5. Wait a second, are your kids really in bed by 7? Holy cow! What time do they wake up?

    Mine are usually asleep by 10, and I thought that was early.

  6. Kids in bed by 7:00 p.m. I need some of your skills. I relish me time after my daughter is asleep. Sometimes, I must confess, even though there are a pile of things to do, I just sit, either choosing to read a book or surf on the internet.

  7. I hate having to clean up after the kids are in bed... I just want to flop! But sometimes it happens that way. And you're right - it really doesn't take that long once you set your mind to it! I'm glad you are simplifying your life and finding ways to improve things. ME time is important - enjoy yourself!

  8. Night time is my time too. People think I'm odd for having my kids go to bed early, but 7:30 on is my time to do whatever. I don't like to clean or do work during my time, though, I like to get it done while the kids are awake (and when they're old enough--they help get it done!). Enjoy your time!

  9. I do this same thing. I always think I will get it done after the kids go to bed, but then there is so much else I want to do without constant interruption. I suppose the key would be to do the cleaning earlier, but that is just too simple.


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