Saturday, November 6, 2010

My Husband, the Superhero

I'm not really in the blogging mood right now.  I'm too busy feeling bad for myself.  So, instead of focusing on me, I'm going to talk about the most awesome person I know: my husband.

A couple weeks ago, Ben informed me that our finances were hurting.  Not in a oh-my-gosh-we-can't-pay-our-rent-this-month- kind of hurt, but very very close.  To keep our wallets insulated, my husband picked up a second job.  He will now be working 70+ hours a week from here until Eternity (that's how it feels, anyway).  When I suggested that I find something part-time or full-time he firmly told me no.  My health was a major factor in his reasoning, as was my desire to stay-at-home with the kids.  In his words, "I want to let you be a mom."  I think I fell in love with him all over again.

This guy is amazing.  He will be returning from his last medical school interview later this evening only to be at church early tomorrow morning and back to work for 32 straight hours soon thereafter.  All because he knows we need the money and, in his mind, that is his responsibility.

If you aren't yet convinced, I can bet that tonight he will ly get up with the kids in order to give me a break.  Of course, I am crossing my fingers that Andrew's new pattern (as in, since his daddy left town) of getting up every few hours will be broken tonight.  And, he will offer to massage my shoulders, listen to my weepy feel-sorry-for-myself stories, and even comfort me.

How did I snag this guy?

On a much brighter note, he has been accepted to all the medical schools he interviewed at.  I am so proud of him.  We now have the luxury of choosing between a few schools rather than going to a school because it was the only one he got into.  (That sounds very haughty.  It isn't intended to be like that.)  Naturally, we will let the Spirit guide us as we make the final choice.

Clearly, Ben is the better half.


  1. Hubbys are great. But guess what Amber - I bet he feels the same way about you. You are amazing, too.


  2. You must be very proud of him getting offered a place at every medical school he interviewed at. I think you have snagged yourself a gem :-)

  3. Ben does sound like an awesome father and husband. You've done your part, too, though. Sounds like you are each other's reward!

  4. What a great guy. Good luck with the new transition.

  5. Sweetheart of a guy. You are building a good foundation for the times ahead.

  6. What a beautiful post. He does sound awesome, Amber. The better half? I'm guessing you two are very well matched, and equally the other's better half.

    But I think we all wish we could do more - for you. Because it's been a tough year, and days and nights with those little ones take so much.

    Sending hugs.

  7. Aww.. That's soo sweet.. Sounds like you found yourself a great husband - though I think you deserve all the wonderfulness! :)

    That's exciting that he's gotten into all the medical schools he applied for - you must be so proud of him.

    Thinking of you often - hope things get better health-wise. Emotionally might take longer - but you'll get there - and you have those two gorgeous little ones to get you through the days + your wonderful husband!


  8. Here's to celebrating awesome husbands!

  9. Ben sounds like a great guy. You're a lucky lady!

  10. Wow, congrats to Ben for getting accepted to all of the schools! That's awesome! He sounds like a really wonderful dad and hubby. And you deserve it, Amber. You are wonderful, too, and I'm sure he feels the same way about you. A great mom and a supportive wife! HUGS!

  11. You know I feel the same about my husband. He amazes me how supportive he is. So I know how good it feels :-) But I also know that we do more than our share and you deserve to be celebrated too! A happy wife is a happy home.


  12. That brings back memories. Peter had two jobs before med school. It was exhausting (as was the two kids we already had). It is good practice for school, though, as that was more than a 70+ hour job. Congrats on the medical school news, so I can hope to see you before too long? (I would be the half way point when driving out to your parents if you chose a certain school, right?)

  13. Your husband sounds like a fantastic man.

  14. You definitely have an awesome hubster. But I'm ABSOLUTELY sure he feels exactly the same about you. You are an amazing and beautiful person, Amber. We are all lucky to have you in our lives.


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