Saturday, November 13, 2010

Die, Winter, Die! Or Humbly Submit to Warmer Weather, Please

I am not a fan of the cold.  I have a distinct memory at 6 years of age that proves this.  I was outside playing with my family and shivering. I told my mom how cold I was, so she suggested I put more clothes on.  I did--I placed some leggings under my pants, and a long sleeved-shirt under my short-sleeved shirt.  (Yeah.  I was into layers before layers were the thing.)  The best part of this story?  It was spring.

Growing up in Idaho, we lived in a temperate climate.  Hot summers, cold winters with nothing too extreme; typical desert weather.

When I was 15, we moved to Alaska.  (Which is also where I met Ben. No, he is not a native born-Alaskan, he is from California; but, his affinity for winter suggests otherwise.)  Imagine how miserable I became!

Truthfully, I learned to adapt.  I learned to wear more layers and heavier jackets--complete with a hat and mittens for 10 months of the year.  And, much to my surprise, I was quite sad to leave that beautiful place.  I don't miss the cold, though.

I have lived in Utah for close to five years now.  You know what?  I still am not used to the winters.  It isn't nearly as harsh as Alaska's winters, yet it still kills me.

Right now the thermometer outside reads 37 degrees.  My toes and fingers are like icicles, and I can't find a dang blanket.  I have gulped down two mugs of hot chocolate and still can't feel warm.

Arrgh.  And we are only in the beginning.  I am hoping that as I get used to the cold, I will be more willing to step out into it.  As of right now, I can't convince myself to run, walk, or play in the yard.  The kids and I are stuck inside.

I acknowledge that some of you have even colder temperatures and are very capable of surviving.  Remember before you send deploring remarks, that you are, obviously, better than me.  I think that I'm just not built for cold weather.  I'd take heat any day.

And, considering my luck, we'll probably end up in the coldest place for medical school.

Kindly send suggestions for keeping my toes and fingers warm--while inside--immediately.


  1. Oh that's too bad, I love winter. I find the crispness of the air to be invigorating. I cannot stand the heat, especially if it is humid heat.

    As for warm suggestions - always take a hot shower and blow dry your hair first thing. I find that my toes stay cold until I shower and if I let my hair air dry, forget it. Also, do exercise. Serious cardio will help.

    As for other ideas, I have none - but I hope you stay warm!

  2. Oh Amber, Can I relate! Some of us are just not made for cold weather climes. I come from land of Brrrrrrrutally Long Winters, and I know it's nothing compared to those who live in upstate New York or Canada, and for that matter, the 30-something degree temperatures that hit this past week and had to be faced on the drive to school were a shocker.

    I'm never ready for winter. I know some love it, but I think it should last from December 1st through January 15th and then depart. And never to go below 30 degrees, with the wind chill!!!

    Sending warm thoughts your way.

  3. I've totally been eating up the warm winter we've ben having in Chicago - I too cannot stand being cold!! I run my hand under hot water and bury my toes under my fiancee's bottom :-D!!!

    Well you wanted the truth right?

    Ok then.


  4. I don't have suggestions for how to deal with the cold - just an invitation to join us down here in Houston. "Cold" is not a word that I've ever heard used to describe Houston. :)

  5. I don't mind real winter in a cold place but I mind this craziness that goes on in Arizona, where every business keeps on the AIR CONDITIONING all winter long and you freeze everywhere you go. It's impossible to know how to dress ever and the desert nights can be chilly, the temperature dropping from 70 in the day to 40 when the sun goes down!

  6. I wear socks or slippers all day long and I wear a sweater to bed. Other than that, blankets, blankets, blankets!!

  7. I dreaded the Utah winters so much before I moved there for school that I made it far worse in my head than it ever could be. That was nice because by the time winter showed up, I was like, "Oh. That's not so bad." So it worked out for me.

    Still, I like living in a place where a coat is kind of a wasted investment. We do winter down here with a mid-weight sweater and it's just fine. My kind of winter.

  8. I love winter...but I miss the sun. February is hard here b/c there's no sun. Matthew and I took the dogs for a walk today and he said "YEah! The sun's out!" and we both stopped and soaked it up for a minute. I think even my 5-year-old Ohioan realizes it won't be around for much longer! ;) P.S. I get so cold I wear a Snuggie. They're ugly, but awesome!

  9. No suggestions on how to deal with the cold. In the desert, always sun and in the summer 117 degrees sometimes! At least you get to layer up with cute accessories, like scarves and gloves.

  10. It was mid-70s today and will likely be so all week. Mid-70s and gorgeous colors on the trees. And crystal blue skies. This only happens for 2 months each year (May and November), so I'm taking it. Welcome to NC!


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