Saturday, September 4, 2010

Proof of My Cultured Background

After all the gloomy posts, I needed a bit of a laugh.  This is for you, Kitchen Witch.

A recent conversation between my friend and me.

Me: What is your favorite dessert?

Friend: Crème brûlée.

Me: Ooo! What flavor?

Friend: (Blank stare.)

Me: Just kidding.

***In my defense, I was thinking about cobbler not the French delicacy.


  1. You mean cobbler comes in something other than "peach?"


    (TKW will let us know.)

  2. Ha! OK. I have to tell you this story. When I was a teen, I would become fixated on baking certain items. At one point I became really interested in cobbler. I tried at least 5 different varieties and my family enjoyed, er, pretended to enjoy my creations. Of course, now I don't even bother with baking. Having no dishwasher, a little kitchen, and two little ones has squashed all my baking desires. The way I see it, I'm doing stores a favor by buying their pre-made bakery items. I know, I'm kind like that.

  3. Ah, yes, my favorite cobbler is cherry. Much better than peach in my book.

  4. Guess what? Creme brulee comes in many flavors! Pumpkin, chocolate, ginger...I've even seen lavender! You're not as silly as you think. :) xoxo

  5. My favorite flavor is creme! :)

  6. Well, at least you knew what creme brulee was, Amber! Did you pronounce the French right? If so, maximum points!

  7. I must confess that I don't actually know what creme brulee is. Only have a vague concept of it.


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