Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Simple Walk (Revisited)

Ben and I are taking a little break together.  Since I didn't post anything for our actual anniversary, I thought I'd re-post something that encapsulates our love perfectly.  (I already have butterflies in my stomach and we haven't even left yet!)

When we started dating, I didn't think it would last. I was too young, too immature.  You made me believe that we could be something more, something eternal.

After 6 months, we started talking marriage.  With butterflies in my stomach, I allowed the fantasy to ignite.  You held me entranced by the promise of forever, a future that I once thought impossible.

One Sunday, we took a walk.  We went down a street with familiar houses.  There was a particular one for sale, we stopped to grab the flier.  Within minutes we talked about what could be.  A house.  A family.  You.  Me.

I suggested an alternative--you quit the job you hate, go back to school, and we become starving college students just trying to get by.  You wistfully smiled and allowed yourself to think about that for a minute until reality hit.  You felt trapped by a job.

You gave me a ring with a question.  I answered, without hesitation, "Yes!"

The dream was within reach.

Months later we decided to break up.  You felt the need to embrace a higher calling for two years.  You wanted to give back to God what he gave to you.  You embarked on a mission.  For those two years we bickered.  We broke each other's hearts multiple times.  We learned to have faith and to trust.  In God.  In ourselves.  In us.

Yet. We--our relationship--transformed into a force so powerful that we could only wait 27 days from when you returned to get married.

A culmination of 4 years together and we finally had our forever.  A covenant in a temple was said, our reflection in mirrors was looked at, and tears of joy were shed.

Almost 3 years into marriage and we remember that walk.  We are indeed poor students.  But we aren't starving.  We are full.  With life.  With children.  With each other.

You are pursuing your career of choice, I am living mine.

A simple memory, a fleeting fantasy, that is still unfolding.



  1. This was lovely! You guys look perfect.

  2. Happy anniversary. What a beautiful journey!

  3. Happy Anniversary (to both of us!!) What an auspicious day to be married! You look wonderful in that pic!

  4. I'm smiling so huge right now. Our courtship was so similar. =)

  5. Similar story here too! I love it.

  6. Oh, I remember this post and how I loved it. And that photo ... simply gorgeous. Without a single word, it says so much.

    Enjoy your break together. Heal and love and grieve. Thinking of you.

  7. So sweet! May you have many, many happy years together!

  8. I think we met over this post. Happy anniversary, and happy break. Love and heal.

  9. Happy belated Anniversary! :) That is so beautiful.. I remember reading it when you posted it the first time. :)


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