Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Road Show: A Book Review

the Road Show by Braden Bell

The Road Show.  A book about five different people--each struggling with something--who participate in their ward's Road Show for various reasons.  Braden Bell, a father who followed his dream to write a book, is a masterful writer.  His book has a surprising depth that leaves the reader feeling breathless.

This has already become one of my comfort books. You know, the type you seek out when you have had a bad day or a day when you just need to relax and read something you know you'll enjoy. The characters are not only believable, but people that I both hated and loved at the same time--a sure sign of remarkable writing.

As I was introduced to each character, I could vividly picture them. They were my neighbors, friends, family, and me.  An accurate portrayal of a Mormon's unique congregation.

I don't usually prefer LDS literature, but this book is different.  It is real, believable, and poignant. I cried, I laughed, and I pondered. A beautiful book about sin and redemption.

I have come to know Braden through his blog.  His compassion intrigued me;  his writing superb; he unknowingly convinced me to pre-order his book.  My judgement was sure as this book was evidence of the talent I had seen on Braden's blog.  I look forward to reading more of his novels.


  1. I can't offer an opinion on his book, but your review is succinct, invigorating, and convincing!

    (Give us more book reviews...)

    And happy Father's Day to Ben!

  2. Thank you, Amber! That review was very kind and I really appreciate it. It made ME want to read it :)

  3. Oooh, your review has me curious! Very, very curious. Well done.

  4. I simply cannot wait to get my hands on a copy.

  5. Haha! Thank you! Thank you for this comment and for your kind words on your blog. I have actually read your book three times already. My husband is currently reading it. And, the best part, I still cry at the end.

  6. Oh, Wolf, there are so many blogs that review books that I don't want to steal their ideas!

    Um, ok, that's not my REAL reason. I'm a bit of a chicken when it comes to reviews. Sheesh, I couldn't even review Aidan's book! I made an exception for Braden's book because it really made a profound impact on me. A little warning, it is written for LDS audiences. He does have an appendix, though, which is helpful for the Mormon lingo.


    I'll leave the book reviewing for those who are braver.

  7. I have read about 5 great reviews of this. I really want to read it now!

  8. Awesome review. Short, sweet, and so true!

    Luv ya!


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