Wednesday, April 28, 2010

One Year Older and Wiser Too

Despite all the verbal hints, written notes, and ripped magazine pages strewn around our house, my husband did not send me to a luxuriously furnished cabin on a remote island with the option of ordering takeout for all three meals.  Maybe next year.

I can't complain, though, because I was given a much better gift.  For the first birthday in two years, I am not pregnant!  Let me explain why this is important.

  • Because my belly isn't abnormally large, I can fit into a sexy outfit and head out to my restaurant of choice.

  • Because I am not sick, I can actually eat the food at that restaurant.

  • Because I don't feel weepy, I won't cry because I can eat the food.  (Okay, maybe I will.)

  • Because I'm not exhausted, I will not fall asleep during the movie I choose for tonight's fun activity.

  • Because my body doesn't hurt, I will not have to sit down every 5 minutes to rest.

  • Finally, because my moods are somewhat regular, I will not be upset with my husband.  I think this is Ben's favorite reason.

I am not quite sure who to thank for this fabulous gift (because I obviously do NOT practice abstinence), so I will send a million thank you cards to God.  I think He can redirect them if needs be.

Congratulations to the three that correctly guessed my age.  If you promise to still be my friend, I will tell the rest of you.


Did you promise yet?


All right.


I am 23.


Don't hate me.


To honor my birthday, I am closing the comments.  Now go do something fun!!

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