Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A Birthday Letter for Two

Katelynn and Alivia:

It seems nearly impossible that out of the 365  days of the year, God chose both of you to be born on the same day.   To honor the both of you,  your letters will be posted on two successive days.  Starting with Katelynn (she is, after all, the oldest) today.

Dearest Katelynn,

While looking for a picture of you, I came across this one.  I sat and stared for a while.  No, not at my cute little guy, but at you.  At how beautiful you have become.  I think back to when you were born.  You were a delight from the beginning.  I think God blessed Mother with you because Aaron was so exhausting.  He sent you to bring balance back into the family.  You did and still do.

I've never told you this, but I felt a lot of guilt about your baby years.  I felt I should have held you more, played with you more, and paid you  more attention.  I was sure that my selfishness had ruined our relationship forever.  This idea held me back from basking in your delightful spirit for many years.  I didn't think I was worthy enough.

I know it must be hard, smashed by 2 older brothers and 3 older sisters, but you have learned to hold your ground.   Your voice is often the reasonable one amidst the torrents of nasty remarks.  Your slick sense of humor can ease tense moments.  Your calm demeanor helps us all to be more patient.

You might be younger than me, but I look up to you.  Your courage in all situations stuns me.  Your desire to do what's right no matter what makes me shiver.  Your valiance.  Your strength.

You are a strong young woman.

I have no doubt the Devil shudders when he sees you.  May that always be the case.

With admiration and love,



  1. That brought me to tears. :) The same can be said of you and your determination to do what's right! Love you Amber!

  2. Beautiful, Amber. Every word sparkles with love.

  3. What a beautiful post and tribute to Katelynn.

  4. Beautiful. Happy birthday Katelynn!

  5. I love the idea of celebrating your sister's birthday with a love letter of sorts. Thanks for sharing this tribute to her with your readers.

    Happy birthday, Katelynn!

  6. We should all be so lucky as to possess her reasonable nature, sense of humor, and calm demeanor. Happy Birthday to Katelynn!

  7. What a wonderful letter for sweet Katelynn. She is lucky to have an older sister who sees, appreciates, and encourages her beautiful spirit.

  8. What a sweet letter! I love that photo :)

  9. I wish I had a sister like you.

    Hope my sister doesn't read that, she scares me.

  10. What an amazing and honest letter - I love it. And she is truly a beauty!


  11. Such a lovely gift for her. I should do something similar for my sister, I never tell her what she means to me.

  12. And how wonderful for your sister to have an older sister like you, Amber! A sister who can appreciate her qualities, her position in the family, her importance, and can see the woman she will grow to be. I wish I had that somewhere among my five older sisters and I don't. She's as lucky in you as you are in her.

  13. [...] dreams of becoming a paramedic.  She brings balance to our family with her witty sense of humor and kind heart. [...]


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