Monday, January 11, 2010

Motion Monday

I know I promised an excellent guest writer. Alas, this guest writer did not send me his piece in time. That is to say, though the writer had a whole week to write, the guest writer chose to focus his time and energy on less exciting things. Homework. While I will not reveal any names, know that I quickly forgave him, after a stern lecture, and wrote something myself.

As I found out about this last night, I had to quickly conjure up some decent thoughts for a post. Then, it hit me: write a post about your run this morning! So, that is why I dub today, Motion Monday.

In order to allow myself time in the mornings to run, shower, and blog before my husband and children wake up, I choose to arise at the indecent time of 5 am. I quickly dress and head out to the indoor track where I exercise.

During my exercise routine, I have a wonderful mix of Hip-Hop, Rap, and NPR podcasts. I don't know whether it is a sign of old age or maturity that induces me to listen to both Nelly and Wait, Wait...Don't Tell Me in the same workout. Whatever it is, picture me alternately dancing and laughing my guts out. (Yes, out loud. I know, I am one of those weirdos who listens to her ipod and laughs/sings. Old age, I tell ya.)

Listening to my podcasts provides me with a certain amount of poise and grace. While jogging, I manage the extraordinary feat of looking like I am merely walking fast while moving my legs in a jogging motion.

At the same time, I provide all the other runners/joggers with more self-confidence. I sacrifice my own self-worth by allowing all runners/joggers to pass me, even those bordering the age of 90. Don't worry, I still manage to work up a sweat.

I like to excuse my slow pace by explaining that I am gawking at the men in uniform. Yes, every morning I get to see those army/some other branch of the armed forces men workout. I will admit, they do not look nearly as sexy as Tom Hanks in Top Gun. Thus, my gaping usually turns to thoughts like "I thought only hot guys were allowed to join the army?"

In the spirit of my wonderfully polite thoughts, I think about all the resolutions soon to be broken. When I arrived today, the parking lot was practically full. Don't worry, by Friday it will be nearly empty. And, by the time February hits, I will be the lone jogger. This will allow me to jog, dance, and laugh without shame.

I hope that your morning will be as splendid as mine was.

***So, my dearest blog editor spotted a very crucial error. I meant Tom Cruise not Tom Hanks. As he said, "how could I make such a blatant error?"


  1. 5am???? That is some dedication! I have decided to put off joining the gym until February, when it will be much less crowded and then I'll start back exercisng...but not at 5am! Wow.

  2. I wish I had your resolve...I am pathetic!

  3. Is Dis Normal or DysJanuary 11, 2010 at 3:15 AM

    Followed you over here from momalom. Sounds like we have two very important things in common, 1)we love working out to 2)crazy music. Glad to know I'm not alone!

  4. Wow! I get up early but not to exercise. That is my "I want quiet time for me" time. I do sing to my mp3 and listen to some strange music so...

  5. I've been exercising (okay, Jazzercising) forever, but without quitting once for the last ten years. Each January - sigh - the place gets packed with the "Resolution people." Then, in February, they disappear.My kids can't stand that I dance for exercise. Turns out that no matter what age the parent is, the kids are always embarassed of them.

  6. I'm still stunned that you made it out the door at 5am! You're my hero!

  7. Wow, you're amazing! Good for you!p.s. Just a quick bit of unsolicited advice - in blogging, you don't "have" to do anything. =) The world is your oyster, baby, enjoy!

  8. My fingers are very, very skinny from typing and moving the mouse. Blogging is great for my hands. My butt? Not so much.

  9. The Absence of AlterJanuary 11, 2010 at 5:46 PM

    LOVE Wait Wait. Now even my kids listen to it since we are always in the car rushing somewhere on Saturday morning when it is on. I cannot run. I hate running yet I admire people that can stick with it and run. Amazing! I applaud your efforts to make others feel better by letting them pass you. This culture of only wanting to be the first really needs someone like you to get us out of this! ;-)

  10. I loved the mental picture of you jogging / dancing / going walking pace / talking to yourself. I used to get up that early to exercise, but then I found I was coming home and sleeping the next 2 hours (which was kinda counterproductive).

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