Thursday, January 14, 2010

New Days, New Beginnings

The sun peeked through my blinds, washing my face with its delicious rays. He reminded me of the magic of a new day.

I jumped up, grabbed the Queen from her crib, and made some breakfast. I determined that I would do those dishes that have been sitting in my sink for the last week.

I took a shower. I changed diapers. I got everyone, including myself, ready for the mother's group we had scheduled.

We set off in our double stroller. We met a friend. A mom who also has a toddler and a 2-month old. We walked to the house of the gathering.

Inside, there was resplendent chaos. Children screaming, toys strewn about the floors, and mothers talking. I was happy.

The Queen, unfortunately, decided she did not want to play. She was tired, and, doggoneit, she was going to take a nap. So, after only 40 minutes worth of fun, we took a traipse back to our home.

I put the Queen down, and she slept. Oh, she slept. I held Manly and wrote a little bit.

After lunch, the Queen wanted another nap. I complied. She slept, Manly slept, and I slept. It was glorious.

When I woke up, I tackled the dishes. I made dinner. I was quite content.

After dinner, Mr. B bathed the Queen and put her down for bed. And, there she lies, sleeping like an angel. In the meantime, Manly and I enjoy our time together. He smiles and coos, I smile and coo back. We snuggle. I write. I clean.

Thank you, God, for the sunshine after the rain.

I forgot to mention one very important event that is happening tomorrow.

My very first guest post!!!

If you are in for a delightful spin on cooking, come on by!!


  1. So pleased that you got your own rainbow yesterday. :)

    Isn't it amazing the world of good that one day - or even one moment - of sunshine can do?

  2. Beautiful! I'm glad things cleared up so your mind could press pause. And enjoy your life.

  3. Aren't our lives magical, just the every day?

    Off to do the dishes in my sink as I have someone stopping by today.

  4. I love extra nap days. And productive days when your babies are so small really are a ray of sunshine. Glad you still aren't stuck in the rain!

  5. Oh the sweetness! I'm so glad for you!

  6. Naps are the key here- don't we feel so much better when our kids nap and especially when we get to nap, too!!!

  7. Sleep! Wonderful! (Sunshine, indeed.)

  8. Sometimes the most amazing things can happen when I just do one thing, and then do another thing, one after the other. I don't try to tackle a whole list or the whole world, but just one - like dishes. And, like you, my world starts looking a lot better and I start feeling better about it and less overwhelmed.


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