Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Destruction of a Nation is No One's Fault

This past week I have been feeling sorry for myself. We are in debt and have many more years of poordom and debt ahead of us.

Then, the news about Haiti's destruction in the aftermath of an earthquake. Thousands of people's homes destroyed. An unknown death toll. Hunger. No shelter. Loss. Pain.

I am selfish.

I am selfish.

This thought hit me hard. So hard that I stopped and thought about my many blessings. My healthy children. The opportunity for education. Grants. Loans. An apartment. Clothes (albeit somewhat worn down).

How can I complain?

I stopped and whispered prayers of gratitude. I hugged my children a little tighter. I snuggled with my husband when he came home. I stopped worrying about myself.

The bloggy world has been on fire with ideas to aide in the relief efforts of that destitute country. Kristen, Lindsey, and Aidan are following Kelly Diel's example and hosting the Help Haiti Blog Challenge. Heather has written a couple, beautiful, pieces about Haiti's plight.Wolf provides insight into how we can help. I have added a Hope for Haiti button on my sidebar. Click it to find a unique way to donate.

It is too easy to hear about disasters and forget about them the next day. These people? They will remember for the rest of their lives. It may take years for them to completely recover from the devastating effects of the earthquake.

I hope that I continue to remember them. That I give what I can.

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