Thursday, December 3, 2009

Confessions of a Sleep Deprived Mother

I woke up to hungry children. I rolled out of bed.

7:30? You got to be kidding me.

As I changed Manly's diaper, I heard that noise. I was not quick enough. Poop all over me.

Oh, snap.

I hurried and placed the Queen in her high chair. While she was eating the first part of her breakfast (she is a hungry baby), I took a shower.  After the shower, I gave the Queen the rest of her breakfast and ate my own meal.

Being dressed, I decided I should just get ready so I could avoid the rush when it was time to go.

9:30. The Queen is dressed. Manly is fed. I have time to blog.

In between typing and saving Manly from his sister, I finished my post.

10:15. Time to get Manly dressed.

Another accident.

Shoot. It is 10:30, and he is hungry. Okay, okay. Hurry and feed him.

I manage to keep the Queen out of trouble as I feed the baby.

10:45. Time to leave. Oh, crap. Diaper bag needs to be packed. Lunch needs to be grabbed. What are we going to do about lunch? Why didn't I think about this earlier?

I hurry and pack the diaper bag. I grab lunch, the babies, and head out the door.

10:55. Not too bad. I will maybe be a few minutes late.

I open the door to put the Queen in her car seat.

There is no car seat.That's right! Mr. B put it in his car so he could take the Queen for me. Oh, my gosh! What am I going to do now. Do I get the car seat first or my charges* first.

Confession Number One

I put the Queen in a seat belt and decided to get my charges first.**

Confession Number Two

I texted while driving.

While texting Mr. B to find out where he parked at school, I looked up just in time to see the person in front of me slamming on their brakes.


Oh my gosh. I almost hit that car. Are the kids okay?

I turn around and check on the babies. Both are safe.

Thank you Mr. B for changing the break pads on Saturday!  Oh, it is 11 am. I need to call M.

I call M. to tell her I will be late. She assures me it is fine. I look at the dashboard.

The gas light is on!!

Confession Number Three

Imagine expletives running through my head. (Or don't.) (In fact, forget this confession.) (Shoot, now you know my other weakness).

I finally arrive at M's house at 11:10. I hurriedly place baby A. in the car and find out I need to pick up big A. at 11:45. After I pick up J. from Kindergarten.

How am I going to do this? Let's see, put gas in the car, pick up the car seat, and pick up J. at 11:30? And get back in time to pick up big A? Oh, this is going to be rough.

I rush to the parking lot to pick up the Queen's car seat. Along the way, I fill up the tank with gas and I re-buckle the Queen in the seat belt. I finally pick up the car seat, put it in the car, and fasten the Queen in it.

11:23. Sheesh. It takes 10 minutes to get to J.'s school. What if I speed?

Confession Number Four

I think you know.

After making it to J.'s school in record time, I rush back to pick up Big A. I am only 5 minutes late.

I congratulate myself on getting everything done. Then, I think about all my mistakes. I think about Aidan's post about being recalled. After today? I should be recalled.

When I get home later in the afternoon, I realize the house is a wreck. A wreck! I have a headache. I am frustrated. Really, I just want to sleep.

Have I mentioned that I am sleep deprived? I forgot how tired I feel when I have a newborn. 

Confession Number 5,000,909,000

I placed the Queen in her crib for a nap. She wasn't tired. I really just wanted some quiet time. And maybe a nap.

Do you have any confessions? 

*I watch 3 girls during the week.
**Please don't report me. I promise, I am very careful to always have my babies in car seats.


  1. I'd like to commiserate and say I've had days like this, but my plate is nowhere near as full as yours! My goodness!

  2. Confession 1: Today Big Boy's lunch consisted of a chocolate chip cookie and chocolate milk at Starbucks.

    Confession 2: The reason we ate lunch at the Starbucks in Kroger was that I spent much of the morning doing online Christmas shopping, ignoring my children, and losing track of time.

    Confession 3: I spend too much time ignoring my children in general.

    Hopefully tomorrow will be a day in which both of us feel less need to confess - but with a toddler and an infant around, confessions come fast and furious, don't they?

  3. Motherhood = a never-ending series of confessions and moments where we feel, we know, we should be recalled.

    Hope you are sleeping now and not reading this.

    (Thanks for the link love!)

  4. Yep, that's MommyBrain for you! But hey, the kids are clothed and fed. Basic needs girl; just focus on those basic needs!

  5. Great confessions!

    I love hearing other truthful moms, who admit to their mistakes instead of pretending to be perfect moms.

    Lord knows I'm so far from it that it's not even funny any more.

  6. Oh do I remember these days! Your children will be fine. We all have days like this. It is called life and we live it as we can!!!

  7. Ha! I love what Aidan said.

    One of mine is that I'm overly sick and so is my child and my husband is trying to juggle it all while I sit here and blog. But I can. Cause I'm sick. :)

  8. My goodness--I think I need a nap after reading the events of your day. (I guess I forgot what it's like to be a young mom.

    I think Aidan hit the nail on the head.

    Have a great day.


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