Sunday, November 15, 2009

All Things in Moderation

When my daughter has melt-downs, my hubby and I like to help her out. So, we throw tantrums with her. It is really fun. Try it out sometime!
I am gradually readjusting to life with a newborn. A very hungry newborn. With a vicious suck. Oh my poor nipples. They are healing, don't worry.
He is cute, though. I am glad because I worried for a little second I may not be able to produce another beautiful child. Seriously, look at this girl!

My fear is gone. He is very, very cute.

That is all for now. My little Manly is hungry. For some reason his daddy cannot give him what he wants--oh rhe role of a mother.


  1. You do produce beautiful babies. Enjoy each and every moment.

  2. That little man might just be giving me a wee little bit of baby fever. Cute? Why yes indeed! Love him up. These days of their complete newness are the best!

  3. He is adorable. I LOVE throwing pretend tantrums, it always throws the tantrum thrower off guard. Doing it in the middle of Walmart makes for extra entertainment (OK, just kidding about that last part. Even I have some self respect left!)

  4. I love the idea of throwing tantrums with your child. That's brilliant! (Would it work with teens, you think?)

  5. Two beautiful children. What is the age difference? They look like my two oldest. I love the photos of the new baby in the older sibs arms. They are the best. Oh, and binky shots. I always wanted my babies to take a binky. Nope. Me only. (Not so bad!)

  6. Yvonne: I do intend on enjoying every moment. I hope I can be as good of a mom as you are!

    Sarah: I love the first days too. Their "newness" is absolutely adorable.

    Charlotte: I am laughing so hard picturing you throwing a tantrum in Walmart. What an excellent idea!

    Bit Little Wolf: I don't know about teenagers...It sure would be amusing to try, though.

    Jen: They are 14-months apart. I was so happy the Queen took a binky, but now that I have to wean her off of it I am not so happy. I decided not to do a binky this time around. I hope it goes as well as it has so far!


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