Monday, October 12, 2009

Viva Las Vegas

Mr. B is a devoted BYU football fan, which means that I am too. We have season tickets, shirts, the works. But, even I didn't expect his surprising request for this weekend: drive to Las Vegas to see the BYU v UNLV game. So, that is what we did.
I have only driven through Las Vegas, but never walked the strip. It was lots of fun to do this "first" with Mr. B and the Queen. When we arrived at our hotel Friday evening, we decided we wanted to see the strip at its prime--night. So, we strapped the Queen into her stroller and took off.
This escapade was fun except for a few major details. The blatant porn. Seriously, porn cards littered the sidewalks. We were really disgusted. It wasn't too bad until we hit the bar portion of the strip. Oh. My. Goodness. Sales-people, if that is what you would call them, were trying to hand out the porn cards to everyone. Don't worry, they didn't dare hand them to me or Mr. B. I think the stroller and my pregnant belly gave them sufficient evidence we did not want any part. Oh yeah, and I glared at them. Mr. B stopped me from chastising their horrible business. What I wanted to say was something like, "Aren't you ashamed of your selves? How dare you solicit prostitution so casually!" I think Mr. B acted very appropriately. It was not the time or the place. If they had tried to hand them to Mr. B, I would have said what was on my mind. And I would have. Believe me.
We were intending on seeing the fountains at the Bellagio and/or getting a bite to eat, but, as it turned out, the fountains did not go off at 1 in the morning and we did not want to expose the Queen to the casino atmosphere to get a bite to eat. So, we returned to our hotel room a little bit down and hungry.
The weekend was not ruined, thankfully. We decided to give the strip another try the next day. Wow. The difference between night and day. Literally. The strip in the daytime is definitely more family-friendly. The same porn people were out and about, but they were not as aggressive. Plus, the porn cards did not litter the ground. I told Mr. B that the sidewalks were probably cleaned sometime during the night so that Las Vegas can maintain its family friendliness. Good thing.
We finally got to see the Bellagio fountains, and enjoyed good, cheap, food. The Queen entertained all with her cute waves and toddling walk. After the horrible experience the night before, Las Vegas redeemed itself--in our eyes.
The culminating experience was the football game. Man did we pick a good game to travel to! BYU made quite a showing at the game, we were in a section full of BYU fans. It was so much fun to see our team perform marvelously on the field.
Plus, Mr. B was shown on TV. You know, as an excited BYU fan cheering his team. We still haven't seen the clip, but if you saw a red-head on TV during the last quarter of the game, that was my husband. He is famous.
Our weekend was fun, exhausting, and a provided a much needed break from school. I am so glad we took the time to travel. Mr. B needs a good break from his schoolwork. Football is his perfect medicine.

P.S. Learn from our mistakes. Do not explore the strip at night.


  1. Las Vegas is a fun place to visit. It is much better during the day or early evening. The food certainly is cheap, isn't it ; )

    So glad you guys had a great time. How fun for your hubby to get on TV--hope you get a chance to see the clip.

    My youngest, Kyle, was going to drive to Las Vegas, too, but decided he had a paper to work on for school ; ) I hope he has a chance to travel to a game some time this year.

  2. My in-laws lived in Vegas for a while, so we would go down there a lot to visit. I never really liked the strip, although I did like the all-you-can eat places and the shows.

    We have the game DVR'ed, if you want to fly out and watch ;-)

  3. I went to Las Vegas with my husband last year for a business conference. Such a mix of good and bad! If we go back it'll be for the buffets and the musicals, that's for sure!


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