Monday, October 19, 2009

The Temple's Power

I have been hiding. The Queen and I had a surprise break last week. The lady I baby-sit for came down with swine flu, so she was quarantined for a week. Oh, we had fun. I slept a lot, played a lot, and walked a little. The Queen enjoyed having me all to herself for the entire week.
As the weekend rolled around, I didn't expect to learn as much as I did.

Experience # 1
Toward the end of the week I started getting down. The week had been very relaxing until I remembered that my vacation was almost over.
Please understand, my job is not hard. In fact, it is easy and fun. But, focusing entirely on my baby girl for one weeks was so wonderful that I didn't want our vacation to be over.
While I was feeling sorry for myself, Mr. B was having a tough week. Tests, difficult labs, and silly mistakes really wore down his morale. By Friday, he was very upset.
I was in no mood to console him. Nice, huh?
Since Mr. B and I haven't had the chance to go to the temple this month, I asked my friend to watch the Queen Friday evening so we could attend. She delightedly accepted.
You can imagine how we were both feeling by the time we left for the temple. I was irritated, Mr. B was preoccupied and miserable, and we were very ready for the peacefulness of the temple.
Within 30 minutes of being in the holy temple, I had completely forgotten all my miseries. The Spirit was so strong, and so comforting, that I could not harbor bad feelings. At the same time, I felt strengthened and ready to take on a new week.
I looked at Mr. B. I realized I was not supporting him like I had promised to. He has a very tough course load. He studies constantly to understand difficult concepts. He puts forth 110% and is often disappointed with the outcome.
For him, too, the temple provided comfort.
The most important ending was our own. We left for the temple with angered dispositions and came back with a renewal of love. We were reminded of the covenants we made when we were sealed. We had hope, again. Our friend even remarked on the visible changes from when we left and when we came back. She said "Wow! You are back to yourselves. You are back to being a couple."

Experience # 2
Since we have moved, I have been struggling with liking our new ward. I know moving is always difficult, especially if you are comfortable in your situation. But, good grief, I was downright sorrowful. The change in apartments was perfect, the change in neighborhood? Not so much.
Poor Mr. B didn't know how to console me when I would come home sobbing after church. Every Sunday. It was getting ridiculous.
The temple provided me with the strength to change my attitude toward our new ward. When Sunday came, I prayed intensely that I would have a change of heart toward our ward. I prayed that I would find ways to serve the sisters. I prayed that I would be happy.
While driving to church, I confided in my husband the contents of my prayers. I also divulged that I had one goal this Sunday: to meet 2 new people. Because we are new, that would not be difficult.
At church, the Queen made it through the sacrament. After that, Mr. B and I alternated roaming the halls with our very active 14-month old.
During my turn, I introduced myself to a fellow mother. It turns out our daughters really enjoy each other. The Queen especially liked her daughter's toys.
After relief society, I was waiting (with all the other ladies) for Mr. B to emerge from Priesthood. While waiting, I began chatting with another lady. It was very delightful.
Goal accomplished.
I did meet 2 new people. I also developed a more positive attitude toward our ward. That was the real goal anyway.

These two experiences reminded me of my Heavenly Father's love. He wants me to be happy. He will answer my prayers.
With such a rejuvenating weekend, I feel energized and ready for this week.


  1. What a great post. It is so wonderful to be able to enjoy the blessings of the temple.

    What great goals. Congratulations.

  2. I'm so glad for you! Sometimes the trials that exist inside our heads are the hardest ones to make it through - and you've done so beautifully!


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