Saturday, October 31, 2009

The End of My Rope

I have not been able to update my blog and keep up on all of your blogs. I think this will remain the same until this baby comes. See, I have been having some difficulties.
For the past month I have been having nightly contractions. They have increased in intensity and duration during the last two weeks. They always slow down right when I think about going to the hospital, but will inevitably start up again mid-morning the next day. It has become so bad that I sit and cry on the couch begging for relief. My husband suggested a blessing. I wholeheartedly agreed.
This blessing gave me so much comfort. It did not promise relief, but blessed me with strength to bear the pain. It also blessed that our son will come at the right time, in two weeks. He will be able to grow and become strong during this time.
The Lord reminded me to do those things that I know are right to keep healthy. Thus, I am living on the couch until this baby comes. I will do my best to post, but it will be semi-regularly.
I know that I am having this experience for a reason. I know that I need to learn to trust in the Lord. He really blesses me during my pregnancies and, as a result, I draw nearer to Him. I need to find my strength in the Lord. I haven't really given myself to Him, I have been selfish and prideful. The blessing reminded me that the Lord will will guide and comfort me during my struggles.
To do my best in adhering to this counsel, I am taking it very easy. Let the hiatus begin.


  1. He is ALWAYS there. It's obvious that you know what to do--none of us need to tell you anything, but for what it's worth, I'll share a couple of thoughts. It will be okay. Take it easy.

    As you know, pregnancies are so worth it. As someone who has had very tough pregnancies, I understand. Hugs to you all.

  2. Good luck. Those last few weeks are brutal and false contractions don't help things at all. They not only cause physical distress, they create mental ones are well (Is this it? Am I psyching myself out?).


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