Monday, September 14, 2009

Mercy Me

We felt it was finally time to move from our apartment and its many problems. Plus, with another baby on the way, we needed more space. So, we found the perfect place and filled out an application. We waited. And waited.
Finally, Mr. B. called and found out that we had the apartment if we wanted. We went in and signed the contract few days later. We were told we could move in on Saturday, the 5th. This was perfect because that weekend was Labor day weekend. So, we packed everything up on Thursday and Friday and excitedly waited.
We decided to move in after the BYU football game on Saturday. This would allow the place to get properly cleaned without anyone rushing the former tenants. So, we went home, packed the van up, and drove to our new place.
I ran up and went through the apartment. I quickly realized that a mistake had been made. Some of the previous tenant's stuff were still there (like their reptile cage...yuck!!), the carpets were trashed, and the place was very dirty. We decided that we were not going to move in yet. So, we called the management company and left a message explaining our situation.
We did not receive any calls back and continued to check out our apartment. By Monday all the previous tenants items were removed, the carpets were at least vacuumed, and they had cleaned up the place. But, the carpets were not cleaned so we did not think we should move in until our predicament was explained to the management company.
I called the only number I had available--the emergency maintenance number. The gentleman was extremely nice. He called the manager of our apartment and found out he was out of town. He called me back and explained that he would speak to the person the following morning.
So, we waited. We finally called and checked up on everything and it seemed like the news was not going through the appropriate departments. But, we did have assurance that the carpets and the apartment would be cleaned and ready for us by 5 pm.
Remember, it was now Tuesday. 3 days after our intended move-in date.
Mr. B. went and checked out the apartment at 5 to ensure it was ready for us. It was. The place had been professionally cleaned and the carpets looked fantastic. We finally moved all of our stuff in, but that evening realized we could not sleep there because the power was turned off. I called the next morning to transfer the power and gas to our name, and everything was ready for us by the time I finished work.
I was very frustrated and upset throughout this whole process. We felt so strong that we should move into this place. Now that we are in, I am glad that Mr. B. and I were patient. We love, love, love our new apartment. I know that we were led here for a reason, and sometimes the good things require patience.
Our next decision is deciding what ward to attend: the married student or family ward? We went to both and I am still confused. I want to be in the same ward as our neighbors (married student), but feel more comfortable in the family ward. After a day of tears, I am going back and forth. I guess my choice will be made on Sunday. Wish me luck.

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