Saturday, December 6, 2008

The End

I finished the 10-page paper -that has consumed my thoughts for 2 weeks-today. It felt so good to send it off for finishing touches to my editors (aka friends and family). I really enjoyed writing this paper, I find it much easier than I did when I first came to school. It has sparked in me the desire to write more often, maybe on other things rather than tactile stimulation and emotion regulation, but writing more nonetheless. I guess that is why I have this blog.

On a another note, I was pretty harsh on my husband today. The poor guy needs a break occasionally and I tend to infringe on his precious relaxing moments. Thankfully tomorrow is a new day, a new page in life's unwritten book.

Oh, and I am getting better at juggling the girl and other responsibilities. Getting better, but not perfect. I still manage to have dishes pile up randomly, but for the most part I clean them as I use them. Getting homework done can still be trying but it is all about balancing life's responsibilities. My primary role at this stage in my life is being a homemaker. I cherish this role and all the glorifying aspects of it. My thoughts continuously turn to Julie B. Beck's talk during general conference entitled Mother's Who Know. This talk inspires me every day to be a better wife and mother.

To end, I am very grateful that Heavenly Father led me as I wrote my paper. It may seem silly but my thoughts were more organized while writing this paper than they usually are when I spend a week writing a paper (I spent 2 days). I know that He knew my time is very limited and so helped me as I did my part.

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